30 Jun 2010   |   News

VIA Optronics attracts €4.4M from cleantech investor WHEB ventures


Cleantech investor WHEB Ventures has invested €4.4 million in VIA Optronics GmbH, becoming a co-investor with BayBG.

VIA supplies energy-saving liquid crystal displays for products such as handheld devices, laptops, televisions, and industrial devices. Components are bonded with proprietary optical adhesives, which means the LCD displays use less energy to achieve equivalent brightness than untreated displays, thereby extending the lifetime of devices and reducing electronic waste.

The customer benefits from higher contrast, reflection-free viewing and much better mechanical stability. In addition, VIA’s optical bonding process inhibits condensation and prevents particles getting in between the LCD and cover lens or touch screens.

In particular, portable devices benefit from improved readability in any light conditions and an extended battery life.

Joerg Sperling, Partner at WHEB Ventures, said, “Since its inception in 2005, VIA Optronics has succeeded in becoming a global company which partners with some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers. The global market for optical displays was $83 billion in 2009 and is forecast to increase to $111 billion by 2016. There are currently no other companies within the display technology market that can compete with VIA Optronics in its unique combination of product features, quality and global high volume production capabilities.”

WHEB Ventures is supported by the European Union through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

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