15 Sep 2010   |   Network Updates

Chalmers: joins forces with Swedish Energy Agency on wind power

Chalmers has joined forces with industry and the Swedish Energy Agency, in the SEK 100 million (€10.8 million) Swedish Windpower Technology Centre, which will develop know-how in construction issues related to wind power and the training of new generations of engineers.

The centre aims to build on Sweden’s potential to create the knowledge platform of the future within wind power, in terms of both technology and education. There is strong interest within the wind power industry in starting wind turbine production on a larger scale in Sweden.

With the wind power market expanding globally there is potential to create financial growth and new job opportunities in Sweden. Figures show that the wind power technology market has increased by 20 per cent each year and the rate of increase in the coming years shows no sign of waning. The Centre will ensure - mainly through research, development and demonstration - that the region becomes the leader in wind turbine technology of the future.

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