13 Oct 2010   |   News   |   Update from Innovate UK
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TSB: Digital testing ground for trialling new Internet services

Development opportunity

The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has set up an online test facility that allows companies to test new digital services and run trials with consumers in a dedicated area of the Internet.  

IC tomorrow enables content owners, application developers and any business with a new service, business model or new way of deploying hardware or software to trial their ideas on British consumers. The TSB says IC tomorrow brings gives access to real users, all within a purpose-built, experimental environment. Potential consumers have the opportunity to provide feedback and shape products before they go on sale.

A range of content providers, including Sony Music, Getty Images and Crytek UK, have agreed to participate in IC tomorrow, making some of their content available and giving product and service developers the chance to think about how they could build new services and find new ways to use and commercialise the content.

Sam Sawyer, VP of Digital Business at Sony Music said, “We are keen to be able to explore potential new business models and hopefully find new business partners in this project.”

Lee Martin, SVP Sales Europe & Asia Pac Getty Images, said, “As a leader in the creation and distribution of multimedia content, this initiative reflects Getty Images’ strategy of using new technologies and services to deliver the best content in the most convenient manner to our customers.”

The IC tomorrow platform is open to all UK companies. Businesses register their web applications, data, business services etc and set up the terms on which their contribution is available. This is assembled into a consumer-facing offer, which is then accessed by registered users. Consumers’ use of the trials and their comments are fed back to the companies, with IC tomorrow ensuring the privacy of individuals’ user data.  

To register to use the IC tomorrow platform, visit http://www.ictomorrow.co.uk/home/provider or https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/ictomorrow/overview

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