Korea-EU Research Centre

“A Bridgehead to enhance Korea-EU R&D Cooperation” 

Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC) serves as a platform to facilitate R&I policy and research collaboration between Korea and the EU. It aims to build a central information & networking hub to promote Korea-EU research cooperation.

  • Korea-EU research Cooperation Platform: The KERC connects Korea and Europe to revitalize research cooperation and to create joint R&D projects & activities by sharing information, building networks, support path-finding and partnering, and facilitating cooperation between governments or other research related organizations.
  • Korean Liaison Office to the EU: The KERC is an oversea office of the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and works closely with the Ministry of the Science and ICT (MSIT). It also hosts seconded staffs from National Institutes who are designated as NCPs for relevant research area.
  • NCP Coordinator: The KERC functions as a central platform for Korean participation in Horizon Europe. It provides information, education and training for Korean NCPs and researchers.
  • Korean Observatory on European R&I: To identify potential cooperation area and to increase awareness and understanding on European R&I landscape, the KERC tracks of EU R&I policy and research trends.

The KERC covers following policy areas: EU R&I Framework Programme (Horizon Europe), RoK-EU Digital Partnership (Digital Policy), Bilateral R&D Cooperation with European countries and other national research funding programs and opportunities for both Korean and European researchers.  

The KERC publishes weekly newsletters for both Korea and Europe, provides in-depth analysis on R&I policy, organizes info-session, workshop, forum and other types of events.

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