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Kiel University uses research, teaching and the transfer of science to address the great challenges of our time in health, environmental and cultural change, nutrition and energy.

Founded in 1665, Kiel University – also referred to as the CAU (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel) – is Schleswig-Holstein’s only fully-fledged university with a major focus on research, hosting 27,000 students and around 2,200 scientists. During its 350 year existence, the University has given impetus to and set new standards in many fields, with former professors including Nobel laureates Philipp Lenard, Max Planck and Otto Diels.

Today the CAU is internationally renowned for its cross-disciplinary academic environment. Its eight faculties collaborate intensively around four priority research areas: life science; marine science; nano, surface and interface science; and societal, environmental and cultural change. Each research area combines the expertise from various faculties - from natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, law and humanities. Today, the priority areas are firmly embedded in the university’s structures and form the basis for the "ROOTS - Societal, Environmental and Cultural Connectivity in Past Societies" and "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" clusters of excellence.

This level of scientific ambition has been acknowledged in various international assessment systems, with Kiel now positioned among the top 1.2% of universities worldwide. This is reflected in the rankings of its outstanding departments: archaeology, for example, ranks 14th worldwide, earth and marine sciences are among the 50 best worldwide and ranked first in Germany, and the University Hospital (UKSH) is one of the top three clinics nationwide. Kiel scientists achieve the highest levels of international excellence: eight of them are among the most cited in their respective disciplines, while three belong to the top group across disciplines.

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