University of Twente opens new bioimaging centre

28 Mar 2023 | Network Updates | Update from University of Twente
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The BioImaging Centre (BIC), the core facility for microscopy of the University of Twente’s Technical Medical Centre, opens its doors on 30 March 2023. The facility is equipped with the latest microscopy systems and is available to researchers at the University of Twente and to the business community.

Vinod Subramaniam, Chair of the UT Executive Board, is to open the BIC during a festive opening at which Erik Danen of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) will present new imaging technologies for cancer research. Several researchers from the University of Twente will talk about the use of the latest microscopy techniques in their work.


“At the opening we will present some of the principal technologies available in the BIC”, says co-founder Ivo Vellekoop. The BIC has the latest microscopy systems, including confocal fluorescence and Raman microscopes and the first TomoCube HT-X1 system in the Netherlands to create 3D images of living cells. There is also room in the BIC for experimental microscopy such as wavefront shaping / adaptive optics two-photon microscopy, with which researchers can take a deep look inside living cells.

Bioimaging centre from University of Twente on Vimeo.


As well as the latest microscopes the BIC can also provide cell and tissue culture for organs-on-chips and 3D bioprinting applications, among others. Technical support and training is available for the use of all the microscopy systems, for cultivating tissue-specific stem cells and for genetic modification (CRISPR-Cas9). That makes it a very advanced facility for fundamental and biomedical research.

This article was first published on 27 March by University of Twente.

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