Imperial: Naveed Sultan is appointed Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology

10 Oct 2023 | Network Updates | Update from Imperial College London
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Naveed Sultan, Former Managing Director at Citigroup has been appointed as Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology at the Business School.

Mr Sultan, who has also been appointed as a Professor of Practice, will join Professor Gilles Chemla as a Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology – an interdisciplinary research hub that examines the impact of technology on finance, business, and society.

Bringing together academics, startups, industry experts and governments, the Centre aims to increase stakeholders’ in the public and private sectors, understanding of the latest technological advances in cloud computing, mobile communication, Artificial Intelligence, blockchains and data science and looks at how these technologies can be utilised for products and services that can improve both society and economy.

The Centre draws on the expertise of academics from various disciplines across Imperial, in areas such as computer science, data analysis, mathematics. The Centre also hosts the Fintech Network of Excellence and the Sustainable Tech Lab, which are initiatives to foster innovation and sustainability in the fintech sector.

Mr. Sultan’s appointment is part of the Business School’s commitment to combining its research, academic and intellectual strengths with the insights of global business leaders. He will work with other research centres around Imperial to engage with key stakeholders including policy makers and business leaders to capitalise upon opportunities and address the challenges facing businesses and society.

Responding to news about his appointment, Mr Sultan said: “Our world is going through major transitions driven by macro factors like technology, sustainability, and geo-politics which present both challenges and opportunities. To make these transitions successfully, collaboration amongst various stakeholders; academia, businesses and policy makers is critical. I look forward to working with leading scholars at Imperial towards the above stated objective.”

Mr. Sultan is a globally recognised leader in financial services and has over 30 years' experience with Citigroup across strategic, business, and operating dimensions.  He served as Chairman of Citigroup (ICG) whereby he developed and led digital policy, strategy, and advisory practice. This practice involved advising governments in their development of policies to digitise their economies including their financial systems. He also provided guidance and thought leadership to corporates and financial institutions to transform their businesses and operating models to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.

He has a deep understanding of global, regional and local markets, and can anticipate market, societal, and technological shifts to effect positive change at the level of financial and economic system. He has led and transformed global and complex multibillion dollar businesses.

Mr. Sultan is also a member of Imperial College Business School’s Advisory Board and an honorary fellow at the school. He played a critical role in the establishment of the Centre for Financial Technology as well as the Business School’s Centre for Responsible Leadership. He advises both centres, and his scholarly and academic pursuits are in the areas of leadership, digital transformation, and sustainability at the school.

Professor Franklin Allen, Interim Dean of Imperial College Business School said: “I’m delighted that Naveed is joining us. He brings a wealth of industry experience and valuable insights that will help enhance the Business School’s important academic research on the fast-evolving world of financial technology. I look forward to working with Naveed and seeing the continued success of the Centre for Financial Technology under his leadership with Gilles Chemla.”

Professor Gilles Chemla, Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology, said: “It is a privilege and a great pleasure to work with Naveed. Naveed has been an important influence on the Centre since its start and I am convinced his tremendous industry experience, insights and passion for digital transformation and for deep academic concepts, will be an important driving force for the Centre. Together, we will work to take the Centre to important successes, stimulate outstanding research, and foster fruitful interactions between research, education, industry, and society.”

This article was first published on 5 October by Imperial College London.

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