European University Association and Universities UK International’s common statement on the EU-UK agreement

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Europe’s universities, in the European Union and neighbouring countries including the United Kingdom, are pleased to see that an agreement on the EU-UK future relationship has been reached. The European family of universities sees the result as a solid basis to continue and enhance our cooperation.

The European University Association (EUA) and Universities UK International (UUKi) welcome the UK plan to associate to Horizon Europe, which is fundamental to continued international collaboration between universities. However, it is regrettable that the UK does not plan to continue to be part of the Erasmus Programme.

Vivienne Stern, Director, Universities UK International, says:

"UUKi welcomes the deal and is keen to ensure that UK universities will be able to maintain their close ties with their European partners. We look forward to continuing our research collaborations in Horizon Europe. While we are deeply disappointed that no agreement was reached on Erasmus+, we look forward to working with EU partners through the UK’s newly announced Turing Scheme, which will continue to support student exchange."

The European University Association, representing more than 800 members across the continent, will continue to strive for dialogue and solidarity and for working together to promote research, education, innovation and culture from the Caspian Sea to the North Atlantic. It is time to look ahead in this spirit and use the agreement to secure long-term solutions that keep the UK close to its partners in the EU and in the rest of Europe.

Amanda Crowfoot, Secretary General of the European University Association states:

"The deal brings much needed certainty for cooperation between universities across Europe and their UK partners. The fruits of this cooperation will bear testimony to the fact that knowledge should not know borders. The new insights that we will create about the universe and our societies will foster progress as well as help us in meeting the grand challenges that we are facing together."

This article was first published on 30 December by EUA.

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