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EIT Health launches High Value Care Forum to help transform health care systems

The EIT Health High Value Care (HVC) Forum launches today to help transform health care systems and become a leading voice for high value care in Europe.

The launch of the forum comes on the back of significant research undertaken by EIT Health into the advancements of health care systems in implementing organisational change to pave the way for the restructuring of health care delivery towards outcomes that matter most to patients. This culminated in the creation of the Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) handbook that describes the key steps health care providers can take to fully realise the opportunity presented by VBHC.

Across Europe, the number of patients requiring care is rising exponentially and costs are growing. This challenge is exacerbated by inefficiencies: the World Health Organization and the OECD estimate that 30% of health care resources are wasted on avoidable complications, unnecessary treatments or administrative inefficiencies. More treatment should not be the goal of health care; better health should always be the driving force. Jorge Fernández García, Director of Innovation at EIT Health, said: “EIT Health has been repeatedly asked by different health care providers and institutions in Europe to play a leading role beyond the traditional conferences and training programmes. The launch of the HVC Forum aims to discover what makes HVC projects successful and share those successes among those who can drive transformation in their own organisation to ultimately benefit patients, providers and health care systems”.

The forum will provide support for those in the health care industry to drive change within multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary organisations, offering:

  • Education and training for health care professionals; patients, families and carers; and decision makers and policy makers.
  • Best practice sharing so that health care providers and national/regional health systems can learn from each other on how to successfully implement high value care.

The HVC Forum will include a library of case studies from HVC pioneers across Europe, in order to gather lessons learnt and inform future activity. There will also be training opportunities to provide a strong and well-tailored curriculum for health care professionals; patients, citizens and carers; and policy makers.

The Forum is set-up in partnership with both academic and institutional organisations with the aim of leading efforts in high value care in Europe whilst remaining strategically connected to other international initiatives. With an extensive network of innovators backing the initiative, there is vast experience that can be leveraged to further these aims.

“The High Value Care Forum will be guided by a dedicated Advisory Board representing all relevant stakeholders. With hands-on experience of transformation towards high-value care, this group will be instrumental in the ongoing implementation of the High Value Care Forum. Their practical knowledge will be central in supporting the development of the initiative to make sure the Forum will have a real-world impact.” said Christina Åkerman, Senior Advisor EIT Health.

EIT Health’s aim is to provide an innovative and sustainable approach to patient-centred care that provides improved yet cost-effective health care improvements – benefiting everyone involved. Please visit the High Value Care Forum page for more information.

This article was first published on 30 September by EIT Health.

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