19 Jul 2018   |   Network update from Huawei
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Huawei releases technical white paper on 5G voice communications

Photo: Huawei

Huawei recently released the Vo5G (Voice over 5G) Technical White Paper. Based on the development of Vo5G standard and the voice and video codec standard, Huawei has analyzed Vo5G evolution solutions in different 5G networks and specified directions for 5G voice evolution. It also points out that deploying the IMS and accelerating the commercial use of VoLTE are the only way to move towards Vo5G.

As the standardization of 5G at the first stage has been successfully completed, 5G networks will be put into commercial use. In addition to the expansion of 5G network coverage and maturity of the terminal ecosystem, carriers need to consider the factors of various 5G network deployment options when deploying 5G networks.

The white paper points out that the 5G voice solution will face many options, such as VoNR, VoeLTE, EPS FB, and RAT FB. For the industry, Vo5G is needed to collectively define all 5G voice solutions.

According to the white paper, Vo5G has been standardized with the standard process of 3GPP 5G, and Vo5G must be provided based on IMS. VoLTE will become the basic voice network in the 5G era and work with Vo5G to ensure the continuity of voice services. Therefore, deploying the IMS and accelerating the commercial use of VoLTE is the only way to move towards Vo5G.

With the advent of 5G, the services and network architecture will continuously evolve to catch up with the new real-time communication market with 20 billion connections and also inherit 7 billion connections. The entire industry needs to plan future-oriented real-time communications networks in advance to continuously evolve to the next-generation communications networks.

Download the Vo5G Technical White Paper at: www.huawei.com/en/industry-insights/technology/vo5g-technical-white-paper

This release was first published 18 July 2018 by Huawei. 

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