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BSC participates in the establishment of a research centre for the Atlantic

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is to form part of the Atlantic International Research Center (AIR Center), whose headquarters is in the Azores. The centre will do research in scientific areas such as climate change, oceans, supercomputing, atmosphere, space and energy, carrying out studies with data obtained from the Atlantic Ocean.

The AIR Center is a joint initiative created by the Spanish and Portuguese governments, which has been joined by countries such as Argentina, Angola, Brazil (which hosted the meeting), Cape Verde, Colombia, the United States, India, Nigeria and Uruguay. Scientific institutions in those countries, including BSC, also form part of the centre.

During the event held yesterday and today, government representatives of these countries are discussing the formalisation of the project and the implementation of a programme for the centre’s construction. BSC Associate Director Josep Maria Martorell will give a workshop on behalf of BSC titled ‘Supercomputing for interdisciplinary research’, in which he will explain how High Performance Computing is applied in the AIR Center’s areas of study.

This release was first published 21 November by Dow.

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