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Value-based healthcare beyond COVID

A Science|Business public webcast, in partnership with Novartis (15:00 - 17:00 CET)

COVID-19 has shattered many conventions about how healthcare and medical products can be designed and delivered. It has inspired Europe and its stakeholders: research institutions, regulators, the pharmaceutical industry and policymakers to collaborate at unprecedented speed to fight the current pandemic. It also led them to rethink today's models' balance and structure to make our next generation of health systems genuinely fit-for-purpose.

The European Commission is already pushing ahead with several ambitious policy initiatives and global partnerships to prepare for the future.

The current pandemic has also deprived millions of citizens of access to care and treatments.  Europe promises to "build back better" in the recovery phase – but it will have to address an enormous backlog of population health needs in parallel during what is likely to be an extended economic downturn.  In this regard, the quality, value and impact of health treatments and products will have paramount importance for years to come. 

Since Summer 2020, European citizens have been witnessing more effective and streamlined ways for new medicines to access the market while complying with quality standards, ensuring positive patient-reported outcomes (PRO). 

  • What lessons can be drawn from the development of medicines related to COVID-19 and adapted to a far broader range of therapeutics and products, ensuring their rapid availability and distribution to patients’ safety and quality standards?
  • How to accelerate access to medicines as a critical connecting point between Europe's health, research and industrial strategies?
  • What can value-and-outcome-based approaches (VOBHC) and patient-reported outcome (PRO) be relevant to shape post-COVID healthcare systems?
  • How can European healthcare companies amplify their impact and deliver greater sustainability in alignment with EU strategy and expectations?

On May 5, Science|Business will bring together two high-level panels to discuss the future challenges of adapting processes and models to enable fast, equitable and sustainable access to treatments to meet the needs of patients across Europe.


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