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So you want to start a company? The spin-out game

Come play the spin-out game. Lots of researchers and engineers do it these days: Starting a company based on their own research or inventions. The prize is great. You can see your ideas become reality, saving lives or saving the planet – and you just might get rich along the way. But it’s harder than it looks. You have to work out who owns the invention, who would want to buy it, how to get it to them, how much money it’s going to cost to get going – and who, besides yourself, is going to be doing all this work. You could go broke. Or you could be wildly successful: Remember Google was a spin-out from Stanford.

Interested in starting a company? Come try it on for size first at this workshop, run by experts in spin-out companies who have devised a game to illustrate the challenges you may face in starting your own company.