Sharing Patient Outcomes for better Healthcare

A Science|Business Healthy Measures session in the framework of the EuroScience Open Forum 2018

In the past decade, we have seen revolutions in many professions. The internet and digitalisation have been extraordinary drivers for citizens to raise their voices, change their habits, and seek alternatives for their daily needs. But a revolution in healthcare is coming now and could be driven by European trend-setters. Private and public researchers from Bologna to Stockholm have been striving to expand access to healthcare and to make medicines available to more patients who need them. Innovative European start-ups are growing fast. Hospital groups are systematically gathering patient data on how well their treatments work – and thereby picking out which medical procedures and medicines provide the best outcomes for patients. For governments, reforming health structures towards patient-oriented health systems has become a key priority. All are striving to find low-cost business models, which could offer high quality service and access to everybody without compromising safety and flexibility. With their ambition to improve health, it is a must that they carry out interdisciplinary actions, promote cross-sectoral cooperation and share patient-recorded outcomes and research results.

During this session, Science|Business will showcase how collaboration - between large and small companies, research organisations and universities, hospitals and patient associations, social security and policy-makers - over patient outcomes and data sharing will lead to breakthroughs in new models of care, reducing inequalities and preparing the next generation for a better life.

Herb Riband
Vice President International Policy and Government Affairs, Amgen
Boris Dimitrov
CEO and Founder, Checkpoint Cardio
Pierre Meulien
Executive Director, Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
Philippe Ravaud
Director, INSERM Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research Center (Sorbonne Paris Cité); Professor, Epidemiology, Paris Descartes University

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