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Research Strategies: Europe 2030 and the next Framework Programme

A dialogue to plan corporate, academic and government R&D strategies for the future

What will Europe, and its science and technology, be like in 2030 and beyond? How are companies, universities and governments preparing for a better future? What should the EU do to help them? As the European Commission is just now beginning to draft its next big R&I effort, Framework Programme 9, Science|Business offers a unique opportunity to debate policy options for the future.

Research strategy is the focus of this Science|Business Network conference. It will bring together a select group of corporate executives, university administrators and policy leaders from all over Europe and from all sectors/disciplines to:  

  1.        Discuss among peers the Commission's newly prepared scenarios for the future
  2.        Analyse how they will affect R&D strategies of companies, universities and governments
  3.        Deliver recommendations on how the EU should shape its own R&I programmes for the future

9:00 - Conference opening by Richard L. Hudson, Editor-in-chief and Vice Chair of the Board, Science|Business

9:05 - The EU Framework Programmes: New directions, now and into the 2020s

  • Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

Q&A moderated by Richard L.Hudson, Editor-in-chief and Vice Chair of the Board, Science|Business

9:30 - Panel - the policy environment 

10:00 The outlook for European science and technology: The Commission's foresight studies

10:50 Coffee break

11:20 News flash: Frontier science could change how you eat 

12:00 Strategy workshops

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Post-Brexit geometries: Ideas to re-shape Europe's research landscape

14:50 Policy workshops