Research & Innovation: Towards a new EU strategy

The Annual Science|Business Framework conference

In the past year, political support has risen in Brussels and beyond for research & innovation – but how to translate that into effective policy and programmes? For years, research has been siloed in most EU capitals into narrow policy categories, in dedicated ministries and directorate-generals. But now, as EU budget pressures rise with the likely departure of Britain, there’s more support for broadening the role of research & innovation – to build Europe’s future: in agriculture, regional development, security, defence, energy, environment, health, climate, transport, and international relations.
This Science|Business conference, to follow the Commission’s May 30 publication of its long-term budget plan, will examine how to implement more research and innovation across broad policy areas. Topics of discussion will include:

  • How the next Framework Programme could accelerate R&I across all sectors
  • How to boost R&I in agriculture and regional development programmes
  • Using R&I for international relations and development
  • How the ‘science cloud’ could accelerate Europe’s science and technology development – across all sectors
  • In depth looks at the likely impact, across sectors, of AI, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, health data and other technologies

Registration will open soon
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Featured speakers
Robert-Jan Smits
Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Ilkka Niemelä
President, Aalto University
Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj
Chair, Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts (RISE), European Commission; CEO, Tataj Innovation
Christian Ehler
Member, European Parliament
Pekka Soini
Director General, Business Finland
Hermann Hauser
Chair, High Level Group of Innovators, European Commission; Co-founder, Amadeus Capital Partners
Karen Maex
Rector Magnificus, University of Amsterdam
Jacques Volckmann
Associate Vice-President, Global R&D sites, hubs and scientific support, Sanofi Pasteur; CEO, Sanofi Vaccine technologies SAS
Ronald de Bruin
Director, COST
Tim Softley
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Transfer, University of Birmingham
Michael Makanga
Chief Executive Officer, EDCTP Association Secretariat