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Point of impact: What is the true value of science to society?

A private Science|Business online expert workshop, supported by Elsevier (15:00 – 17:00 CET)

With Horizon Europe now under way, the European Commission and other leading research and innovation (R&I) funders can focus on the collective impact that science and scientists will make to key policy goals over the next decade, and how to assess it. The Commission’s Strategic Plan for Horizon has already set out 32 expected impacts to be achieved in four strategic areas. Meanwhile, the European Council has called for a more qualitative approach to understand “what researchers deliver and how” in the European Research Area (ERA), placing more emphasis on talent, diversity, skills and contributions to societal progress.

This invites an in-depth reflection on what these new models, indicators and metrics will mean for researchers and research organisations, and the boundary conditions for evaluating future scientific work. Important decisions await – on defining new impact factors and areas, on striking a fair balance between inputs, outputs and outcomes, on increasing “brain circulation” while retaining domestic talent, and more.  This in turn gives rise to a number of vital questions:

  • Can Europe agree on what to assess, and why? Which national or regional models might underpin an equitable, inclusive system with impact at its heart?
  • What benefits will a new approach bring to industry, RTOs and other non-academic stakeholders? 
  • How can research and innovation organisations most effectively engage with policy makers to provide fresh ideas and evidence of what works?    

In this invitation-only, online roundtable, Science|Business will convene a select group of senior figures and experts from across the European R&I spectrum to debate these issues and more, and to develop concrete recommendations for action.

Tomaž Boh
Director-General, Science Directorate, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Government of Slovenia
Heide Hackmann
Chief Executive Officer, International Science Council
Ole Petter Ottersen
President, Karolinska Institutet
Eveline Crone
Vice President, ERC Scientific Council & Full Professor of Developmental Neuroscience in Society , European Commission & Erasmus University Rotterdam
Antonio Loprieno
President, ALLEA - European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities
Andrew Plume
President, International Centre for the Study of Research & Senior Director, Research Evaluation, Elsevier
Ronald de Bruin
Director, COST Association
Carthage Smith
Lead Coordinator, Global Science Forum, OECD
Martina Schraudner
Director, Centre for Responsible Research and Innovation, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering
Frank Miedema
Vice Rector for Research and Professor of Open Science, Utrecht University
Mathias Rauch
Director of Research Policy and Strategy, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Walter Weigel
Vice President, European Research Institute, Huawei
Mostafa Moonir Shawrav
Chair & Research Manager, Marie Curie Alumni Association & AMS Germany