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Investing in breakthrough technologies: The case of ‘ATTRACT’

The World Wide Web, hospital PET scanners, touch screens, memory foam, cochlear implants, WiFi, cordless vacuum cleaners – what have they all got in common?  All had their beginnings in technical developments at some of the world’s biggest scientific labs. They started as offshoots from the primary research missions of these labs. Like all breakthroughs, a combination of hot technology, smart entrepreneurship and clever investors took them out of the lab and into society. But, of course, the path each technology took to market was different.

Is there a better way – a way to commercialise this kind of spin-out technology more consistently and at larger scale?

This is a by-invitation only event. For more information, please contact Shane McCollam at


18:30 Welcome and Introduction to ATTRACT

  • John Wood, Chair, ATTRACT Advisory Board; Secretary-General, Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing, CERN
  • Moderator: Richard L. Hudson, CEO and Editor, Science|Business

19:30 Dinner debate

21:15 Dinner ends 


John Wood
Chair, ATTRACT Advisory Board; Secretary General, the Association of Commonwealth
Sergio Bertolucci
Director of Research and Scientific Computing, CERN
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