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How to Plan Europe’s Energy Future

A new approach to energy research and innovation is the subject of part 3 of a series of roundtable discussions on energy R&D policy.

New energy technologies can’t be developed as stand-alone solutions. They must fit into a sustainable energy system. That requires a totally new, comprehensive approach to innovation policy – and far greater coordination among different parts of government in Brussels and the EU capitals.

This policy symposium, the third in a series on energy R&D supported by BP, steps back to look at the broader considerations of how a systems-based approach to R&D policy works – and how it could support the success of Europe’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan. As a case-study, it will highlight the ground-breaking approach of the UK’s Energy Technology Institute (ETI), a five-year old public-private partnership formed to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. High-level research and innovation experts from academia, policy and industry will debate the lessons from the ETI’s experience to date, provide internationally relevant policy comparisons with Japan, Germany and the EU (SET Plan), and draw concrete conclusions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of EU energy innovation policy.

We conclude this event and the series with an assessment by top policy economists on the potential impact on jobs and growth if Europe gets its energy R&D and innovation policy right.

More information to be published soon. Please contact [email protected] to find out more.


How to Plan Europe’s Energy Future,  23 November 2011, Brussels