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Horizon Europe: What next for missions?

A private Science|Business Network FP Working Group online meeting (16:00 – 17:15 CET)

For many months, a range of questions have floated around the ‘moonshot’ missions proposed by the Commission as part of Horizon Europe, the EU’s next Framework Programme for research and innovation. After a long period of consultation and deliberation, the experts making up the mission boards have presented an array of research avenues and deadlines – described as preliminary – that they say would allow Europe to make headway on the giant challenges of climate change, cancer, adapting cities to global warming, protecting oceans and soil health.

In this private, online meeting, Science|Business Network members will have the opportunity to explore these in greater depth with a select panel of mission board representatives, and discuss practical next steps in mission development prior to the launch of Horizon Europe in 2021.

Paulo Ferrão
Professor, IST, Technical University of Lisbon & Board Member, Cities Mission
Bettina Ryll
Founder, Melanoma Patient Network Europe & Board Member, Cancer Mission
Gesine Meissner
Former MEP & Board Member, Oceans Mission
Practical Information

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