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Horizon Europe: Decoding the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform

A private Science|Business Network FP Working Group webinar (15:00 – 16:00 CET)

The Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP) has been a development to watch in the past year. From an initial proposal of €10 billion in additional funding for investments in critical technologies, the latest agreement at institutional level reduced STEP’s endowment to €1.5 billion, uniquely destined to the European Defence Fund. Still, the problems linked to encouraging technology manufacturing in the EU will continue to hit the bloc’s capacity to stimulate innovation at home, and the pooling of resources across different funds will be crucial to make new projects more attractive to investors. With a revision of the STEP planned for 2025, what are the most important developments to observe in the coming year? Science|Business will discuss these and more themes on this Network members-only webinar.

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The EU’s plan for critical technologies ends up as a shadow of the promised sovereignty fund

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Anna Panagopoulou
Director, ERA & Innovation, DG RTD, European Commission