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H-factor: Will European R&D catalyse the clean hydrogen era?

A private Science|Business online Network expert workshop (10:00 – 12:00 CET)

Against a backdrop of energy price volatility, rising carbon emissions, and deep uncertainties about the effectiveness of international climate action, the importance of creating a viable green hydrogen market grows exponentially. From intergovernmental initiatives such as Mission Innovation, to the next generation of industry-led partnerships under Horizon Europe, the race is on to make existing and emerging hydrogen technologies fully operational and price-competitive.

In line with its wider climate-neutrality and industrial transformation agenda, the EU is in the vanguard of those striving to make this a reality. Under the 2020 German council presidency, member states launched a joint research and innovation (R&I) initiative on green hydrogen, as part of the revitalisation of the European Research Area. And after many months of extensive consultation with public, private and civil sector stakeholders, it is expected to deliver a new strategic R&I agenda before Christmas.

So as the new year unfolds, the key question will be what this means concretely for science and technology organisations across Europe and beyond, including industry pioneers. Which thematic areas will be targeted for new projects, and with what scale of resources? Will new alliances and partnerships take shape as a result? How will the new agenda influence future work programmes in Horizon and other funding schemes? And – perhaps most importantly – can it realistically deliver the sustainable, competitive green hydrogen economy of Europe’s dreams?

In this private roundtable, the Science|Business Network will convene experts and leading figures from across the policy, industry and research spectrum to debate these issues and explore the way forward.

Rosalinde van der Vlies
Director, Clean Planet, DG RTD, European Commission
Stefan Kaufmann
Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Jan Mertens
Chief Science Officer, ENGIE
Paul Jordan
Business Leader, Innovator Support & International, Energy Systems Catapult
Dolf Gielen
Director, Innovation and Technology Centre, IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency
Fabrizio Gagliardi
Advisor, ACM Europe
Enn Lust
Head of Chair, Academician, Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Tartu
Jamie Speirs
SGI Fellow in Energy Analysis and Policy, Imperial College London
Katrin Mögele
Senior Policy Advisor, Environment and Energy, Fraunhofer
Jakub Drnec
Beamline Scientist, ESRF – LEAPS
Asteris Apostolidis
Associate Professor of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Engineering, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Allan Niidu
Tenured Assistant Professor, TalTech Virumaa College
Kai Holtappels
Head of Division, Consequence Analysis of Substances and Energy Releases, BAM
Stefania Gardarsdottir
Research Manager, SINTEF Energy Research
Daniel Mira
Propulsion Technologies Group Leader, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Trygve Skjold
Professor, Department of Physics & Technology, University of Bergen
Roland Schulze
Managerial Advisor & Lead Engineer, Projects Department, European Investment Bank
Adel El Gammal
Secretary General, EERA
Filipe Joel Soares,
Senior Researcher and Area Manager, INESC TEC
Hege Rognø
Head of R&T Hydrogen&Low Carbon Fuels, Equinor ASA
Catherine Grandhomme
Director of cooperation with economic sectors, Energy sector, CNRS
Nicola Paltrinieri
Hydrogen Cross Faculties Team Coordinator, NTNU
Andreas Züttel
Full Prof. Physical Chemistry, EPFL
Leonardo Bertini
Full Professor, Machine Design & Rector’s Delegate for the Promotion of Spin Offs, Start Ups and Patents, University of Pisa