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The future of health: Views from the next generation

A Science|Business Healthy Measures event, supported by the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) and the Big Challenge Science Festival

Recent advances in digital and information technologies are allowing us to reimagine many traditional approaches to health policy, practice and science.

People and data are at the heart of this new paradigm. Nowadays, governments gather health and quality of life data from citizens in unparalleled volumes. Hospitals, insurers and other care providers do the same, via the latest clinical equipment and advanced measurement of patient experiences and treatment outcomes.

The youth of today – often referred to as “Generation Z” – are positioned to be in the vanguard of change. Having grown up in the internet age, they are likely to be the first large-scale adopters of new technologies, such as wearable devices, and users of smart health applications. Their definitions of health and wellness may be radically different, along with their attitudes towards ownership and use of personal health data.

Against this backdrop, the Science|Business Healthy Measures initiative – in partnership with NTNU and its Big Challenge Science Festival – is convening a public debate to explore how the next generation views the future of healthcare. Through an interactive, town hall-style format, this event will cover a wide range of topics, from personalised medicine and genomics, to digital diagnostics, using the Internet of Things to manage health and wellness at home, and virtual doctor-patient relationships.

Björn Gustafsson
Professor; Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU
Marianne Synnes Emblemsvåg
Member, Parliament of Norway
Camilla Stoltenberg
Director General, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Signe Elisabeth Åsberg
Postdoctor & Research Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU; School of Health Innovation
Håvard Ulsaker
Student in medicine, NTNU; Responsible for working life, Norwegian Student Association for Medicine.
Anita Navaratnam
Managing Partner, Sygeny Ltd (Oy)

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Monday, 17 June 2019 - 09.30-11.30 CET at Royal Garden Hotel, Groundfloor: Brattøra/Tavern. The debate will be in english. Participation is free of charge. The event is organized by: ScienceBusiness and NTNU Health


For more information, please contact Lysiane Pons at [email protected]