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Framework Programme Working Group: FP9 planning & university networks

The Science|Business Network is an important platform for its members to put forward their views on the next Framework Programme.


The pace of action in Brussels is picking up for 2018 – with planning for the Commission’s long-term budget, and its next Framework Programme, hitting milestones in May/June. At the same time, a flurry of new ideas are circulating now, most recently from French President Emmanuel Macron.

In person in Brussels or by Skype/phone (your choice), Science|Business is providing an opportunity for members to hear more about the French proposals, and to discuss together what issues they would like us to address during 2018. The session will be off the record, for members only. The session is divided into two parts, so you can join for either or both.


1300-1400 - FP Working Group deliberations. What topics should we work on together for reports and events for 2018? 

1400-1500 – European University Networks: How would President Macron’s proposals for a new approach for research, innovation and education work?

Guest speaker

Julien Blanc, Conseiller Europe, international et collectivités territoriales, Cabinet de la ministre de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation




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