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COVID and production: How should industry respond?

A public Science|Business ‘Research Futures’ webcast - Live streaming to start at 10:30 CET

Fighting the spread of COVID-19, many countries have implemented severe disease control programs. Global supply chains for industrial products were hit hard by these measures and have nearly  collapsed. Governments anxious to make their economies more resilient, and businesses hedging future risks, are now looking at bringing back some of the offshore manufacturing. For years, smart automation, 3D printing, and AI have promised to usher in an industrial revolution that would make this commercially viable. But is technology really ready? And are companies prepared to adopt it? This Science|Business public webcast will explore the current status and discuss how immediate EU emergency measures and the next Multiannual Financial Framework / Horizon Europe can help close any remaining gaps.

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Peter Dröll
Director, Prosperity, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Julia C. Arlinghaus
Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation
Ramon Pastor
Vice President and General Manager, HP 3D Printing Business
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