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Compete or cooperate: What’s the new normal for global R&D?

A Science|Business public conference (hybrid format)

September 7 – 8, 2021

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. The pandemic has shown how global R&D can be mobilised to tackle the most urgent challenges facing the planet. Can this ethos and approach be sustained into the post-COVID recovery phase, and applied to the climate crisis, digital transformation of economies and societies, and more?  How can we avoid a return to the status quo ante of conflicting national and regional interests, and a failure to fix the grave problems at hand? 

On September 7-9, Science|Business will convene international leaders and opinion shapers to debate a new world order for R&D collaboration. Through a series of physical and virtual sessions, our conference will explore when and how countries should cooperate rather than compete in R&D – specifically in health, digital and climate technology domains. Covering topics as diverse as IP protection, innovation ecosystems, space, and the road to COP26 in Glasgow, it will develop a series of recommendations for balancing openness and security, mutuality and sovereignty, and an equitable distribution of the benefits of global R&D endeavours.