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Changing climate: With Biden in Washington, what’s next for global climate and energy R&D?

A public Science|Business Network webcast (15:30 – 17:00 CET)

President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is, as both fans and critics note, chock full of money for climate- and energy-related research and innovation: billions for climate agency ARPA-C, for the National Science Foundation, for hydrogen and battery demonstration projects, and much more. At the same time, the European Commission is targeting 35% of its R&D budget on climate. Japan and China are upping their research. And in Glasgow in November, at the next global climate summit, R&D cooperation will be high on the agenda.  

So what will all this mean for research and innovation for both energy and climate, around the world? Are we about to see a step-change in the scale and coordination R&D? How will it affect EU-US cooperation? Is China in or out? This newsy and public Science|Business webcast conference will debate the global repercussions of the change of heart and leadership in Washington over climate and energy research and innovation.


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