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Business models to underpin the European Open Science Cloud

Meeting of the Science|Business Cloud Consultation Group


A workshop to identify potential business models to underpin the European Open Science Cloud and ensure the initiative is sustainable.

It will seek to establish the roles of each of the different stakeholders and how they will be rewarded/incentivized.

Preliminary Agenda

11.00 – Introduction: Chair, David Pringle, Science|Business

  • Update from Jean-Claude Burgelman, European Commission, on the progress of the EOSC
  • Review of the reactions to the economic model report.

12.00 – Business model workshop (part 1):

  • Identifying the different actors required to deliver the EOSC
  • Defining the roles of each actor in the EOSC
  • Establishing how each actor will be incentivised to carry out their specific role

13.00 – Lunch break

13.45 – Short presentation on digital objects by Peter Wittenburg and Edit Herczog

14.00 – Business model workshop (part 2)

  • Identifying the enablers required to implement these incentives
  • Review of the results
  • Discussion of how the business model could evolve over time

15.00 End


For more information, please contact Natalia Grzomba at [email protected]