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Beyond Brexit: New approaches to sustaining UK-EU partnerships in science, technology & innovation

A Science|Business Network event (members only), 13:30 – 16:30 BST

The UK’s prospective withdrawal from the EU in March 2019 has cast a shadow over the research and innovation landscape. Cross-border scientific collaboration has been one of the undoubted success stories of the European project to date. Yet many uncertainties remain, from access to the EU’s framework programmes and mobility of talent to the impacts on industrial R&D networks and regulatory alignment.   

Against this backdrop, new strategic alliances are being established between leading UK actors and European counterparts. In part, this can be seen as a way to mitigate various risks surrounding the Brexit process. However, it is also about protecting a critical legacy of partnership and established value chains, and the continued co-creation of breakthrough science and technologies for a sustainable European future.

The purpose of this Science|Business Network event is therefore: (1) for our members to share their latest strategies and approaches to planning for an unpredictable future, and (2) to discuss ways in which UK-European research partnerships can more effectively strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and contribution to solving global challenges.


Hosted by

Imperial College London


Featured Guests
Maggie Dallman
Vice President & Associate Provost, Imperial College London
Simon Andrews
Executive Director, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd
Catherine Price
Principal Partnerships Advisor and GameChanger (UK), Shell Research Connect & GameChanger
Tim Bestwick
Senior Advisor, UK Atomic Energy Authority; Chairperson, UK EUREKA Chairmanship Team
Paul Feldman
CEO, JISC; Board Director, GEANT
Clare Moody
Member, European Parliament
Seán Hand
Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor, Europe, University of Warwick
Constance Kann
Director, Institutional Relations and Public Affairs, European Investment Bank
Geleyn Meijer
Rector; Executive Board Member, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Jan Palmowski
Secretary General, The Guild

12:45                   Registration & buffet lunch

13:30                   Welcome

Prof. Maggie Dallman – Vice President, International; Associate Provost, Academic Affairs; Professor, Immunology, Imperial College London

13:35                   Introduction

Simon Pickard – Network Director, Science|Business

13:40                   Politics & Policy: Latest insights from Brussels

A short Q&A with

  • Clare Moody, Member, European Parliament    

13:50                   Hedging Bets: New models for collaboration in an age of uncertainty

Exploring the strategies being deployed by companies, universities, and research & innovation agencies to sustain excellent science & technology partnerships, as well as the barriers to overcome in pursuit of successful outcomes

14:50                   Coffee break

15:20                   From Risk to Opportunity: Priority areas for future partnership & investment

Identifying the domains in which continued cooperation has the greatest urgency and potential benefit, both within the European Research & Innovation Area and for the EU in a global context

16:30                   End of roundtable, followed by a tour of the Imperial's I-HUB and a networking reception

The roundtable will be moderated by Simon Pickard, Network Director, Science|Business.


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Beyond Brexit: New approaches to sustaining UK-EU partnerships in science, technology & innovation, 24 January 2019, London