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Annual Network Planning Meeting

A private S|B Network event (15:00 – 16:45 CET)

On July 6, Science|Business will bring together the members of its international Network for an in-depth discussion – in Brussels and online – of the key issues and themes in research and innovation policy, funding and cooperation that will define the year ahead. The Planning Meeting is above all a forum for members to identify common institutional interests and challenges, to inform and strengthen the agenda of Network activities going forward, and to begin preparations for the 2024 Science|Business Annual Network Conference (Brussels, February 5 & 6).

Please note that this meeting is exclusively for members of the Science|Business Network. For any other organisation interested in becoming a member and joining the discussions on July 6, please contact our Network Director at [email protected]. For existing members, please write to [email protected] with any practical questions related to the event.


(* Times indicative based on real-time discussion flows)

15:00  Welcome and opening remarks

  • Maryline Fiaschi – Chief Executive 

15:05  Summary of recent Network developments

  • Simon Pickard – Network Director

15:10 Open forum: Network priorities and member expectations going into 2024

The first session will focus on the evolution of the Network value proposition and programme over the next 12 months. NB: discussions will be broadly informed by the results of June’s input survey – see supporting file. Beyond Horizon Europe and other EU policy areas, the fundamental issues for us to consider with members are:

  • How to align Network activities more closely with the key drivers of performance and impact across the full R&I value chain;
  • Ways to strengthen the relevance and value of Network activities for companies and industry platforms at large.

Moderated by Simon Pickard 

16:15 Back to the future: The 2024 Annual Network Conference

Next year heralds the 40th anniversary of the EU’s research framework programmes, as well as the 20th anniversary of Science|Business. In parallel, discussions will begin in earnest about the design and priorities of the next multi-year programme (FP10) – and ultimately how science, technology and innovation may define Europe’s future positioning in an increasingly polarised, turbulent world. 

In this regard, the second part of the planning meeting will focus on both the substance of the 2024 conference agenda – what members see as the most compelling, newsworthy themes to be explored – and ways to engage from a content / thought leadership standpoint between now and February. 

Moderated by Rich Hudson, Editorial Director, Florin Zubascu, Executive Editor & Simon Pickard 

16:45  End of meeting, followed by town hall and networking reception