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ERAB calls for ‘new Renaissance’

The European Research Area is too fractured and much by inward-looking national priorities, an advisory body warns, urging a fundamental shift in the way research is done.
05 Oct 2009

Exclusive: Bureaucracy buster

Interim Director Jack Metthey tells Science|Business he is banishing the red tape that threatens to undermine the European Research Council’s hard-earned reputation for funding excellent research.
30 Sep 2009

De-railed by Le Crunch

The French Presidency made headway on the Small Business Act, but other matters, notably patent reform, were run off the rails by the financial crisis, says Science|Business’s Paul Meller
17 Dec 2008

ICT review draws ‘prescriptive’ fire

The EU has launched a “no holds barred” review of its ICT research and innovation strategy. But critics warn diverting R&D spending to problem areas such as energy and health will hold back ICT’s wider potential.
10 Sep 2008