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Coventry University is a proud provider of high-quality education and impactful research both in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Coventry University sits at the heart of a global education group with strategic hubs in China, Rwanda, Dubai, Singapore, and Belgium, as well as a new campus in Poland. The group’s mission – Creating Better Futures – is grounded in the concept of delivering inclusive and impactful global education for our learners, while addressing societal challenges through our research and innovation.

Our research activities are channelled through 16 challenge-driven, interdisciplinary research centres and state-of-the-art facilities, which investigate fields such as peace and security, e-mobility and clean growth, intelligent healthcare, and data sciences. We are renowned for our innovative partnerships with industry, including the creation of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) – the UK's first “Faculty on the Factory Floor” initiative, which aims to bring together the best in academia, industry, research, and development in a ‘live’ manufacturing environment. 

In accordance with the University’s 2030 Strategy, we endeavour to extend our research profile, innovation, transformation, and sustainable investment, all while setting four key qualitative goals:

  • a leading education group recognised for our educational pathways and delivery at scale of innovative approaches to learning;
  • recognised internationally for our focus in challenge-led research and for the excellence of our research institutes;
  • recognised internationally for the scale and impact of our innovation ecosystem;
  • recognised internationally for our global presence, profile, and reputation. 

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