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Since the Industrial Revolution, our fondness for technology has gotten us into the mess of climate change. Now, can science and technology help get us out of it? That's the question Science|Business is trying to answer with our stepped-up news coverage of climate-related R&D and research policy - in energy, transport, agriculture, manufacturing, urban management and, of course, basic science. We welcome your suggestions for future coverage, at [email protected].


Should scientists study how to dim the sun?

Some academics worry research into solar geoengineering will normalise a risky and little understood technology. But advocates say any tool that can mitigate climate change deserves more investigation

07 Apr 2022

Hydrogen could be taken straight from the ground

As governments around the world scramble to start up green hydrogen economies, scientists are pointing to an underexplored source of the gas – natural hydrogen continuously generated in the earth’s crust

06 Jan 2022



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