Denmark Denmark plans shake-up of diabetes care

A clinic owned by the pharma company Novo Nordisk for 82 years passed into public ownership at the start of 2017. Now the Steno Diabetes Centre in Copenhagen is the focal point of a move to transform diabetes care across the region and beyond

18 July 2017

University of Warwick: Digital communication improves young patient engagement

Digital communication improves young patient engagement, according to new study, which shows that using texts, emails, Skype and other digital communication methods can improve the healthcare experience of younger patients

17 July 2017

Aalto University: Novel 3D matrix will allow predictive and effective breast cancer treatment

The extracellular matrix keeps the structure of the tumor tissues unchanged and thereby allows correct and personalized drug identification.

17 July 2017

Barcelona Supercomputing Center will help to develop Catalan health indicators browser

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) will collaborate with the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation (AQuAS) to make browsable health outcomes and quality indicators of the Catalan health system

17 July 2017

Esade: Digital health and public-private partnerships are challenges for the Spanish healthcare system

Trinidad Jiménez (Telefonica): “Citizens’ distrust of the healthcare system is due to a problem of expectations”

17 July 2017

US: women report new machine makes mammograms more comfortable

Boca Raton Regional Hospital patients have reported a noticeable difference in comfort during the exam, as well as faster exams, with new imaging technology

17 July 2017

The Netherlands Dutch health insurers pay for value

By measuring and comparing patient outcomes, a hospital group in the Netherlands has cut down on unnecessary x-rays, reduced surgical complications and delivered better results for cancer patients. Payers have taken note

4 July 2017

UK UK regulator faults sharing of patient data in Google trial

Setting precedent in medical case, agency finds NHS trust didn’t adequately protect data on 1.6 million patients

3 July 2017

How to make value-based healthcare work in Europe

The need to adopt a more value-based approach to healthcare is pressing, but some question if it is right to map the patient-centric model proposed by Harvard economist Michael Porter onto Europe’s universal health systems

20 June 2017

Finland Mobile app allows cancer clinics to allocate resources

With the number of cancer cases on the rise, stretched healthcare systems have to support more and more patients with troublesome symptoms and the side effects of treatment. Finnish start-up Noona has developed a mobile app to support self-management

19 June 2017

US New head of FDA sets out plan for regulating digital health devices

Greater certainty about what types of digital health technology will be regulated by FDA will foster innovation and help the agency to devote more resources to higher risk priorities, says Scott Gottlieb

18 June 2017

Peer-led self-management programmes may not help teenagers with asthma

A study from Warwick University suggests peer-led self-management programmes have little impact on the quality of life or lung function of adolescents with asthma, but concludes more data is needed to provide evidence for this

16 June 2017

Brussels role in health is secure, says EU health chief

“Is there any discussion about DG Sante’s continued future? The answer is simply no,” says EU Commission’s Director General for Health and Food Safety Xavier Prats Monné

6 June 2017

The Netherlands Netherlands diabetes clinics show how integrated care reduces costs and improves outcomes

The founders of the Diabeter clinics ditched secure jobs to embrace a new model of specialist care. Ten years on, they have the best paediatric glucose control outcomes and lower costs than most other providers

5 June 2017

Finland Finland’s complex overhaul of healthcare promises more choice for patients

Better and cheaper care are the main selling points for a major reform scheduled for 2019. But critics says this timetable is too rushed

23 May 2017

Germany Outcomes that matter to patients derive more value from health budgets

Prostate cancer survival rates are the same across Germany, but by using outcomes data to drive improvements, Hamburg’s Martini-Klinik ensures better quality of life post-surgery. It is a pioneer and role model, says Michael Porter, father of value-based healthcare

22 May 2017

Denmark As a digital healthcare leader, Denmark is troubled by tech disruptors

The growing presence in healthcare of companies like Google, Apple and Amazon is driving the proliferation of untested, unregulated tools and poses a threat to a well-functioning and open health system

21 May 2017

Ireland Ireland launches experiment in patient data

The country’s first nationwide survey of patients’ views is intended to provide insights that can be used to improve care quality. This is a chance to accelerate much-needed change, say patient advocates

9 May 2017

Spain Patients on recovery fast track spend less time in hospital

A hospital in Barcelona is saving money by embracing a proven system for speeding recovery from surgery - without jeopardising patient care. Now it is planned to extend the enhanced recovery scheme around the country

8 May 2017

Paying for health: reward results not activity

There is general recognition healthcare systems need to shift from paying for volume to paying for outcomes, but this is a difficult change to make. A new incentive system in France for funding remote monitoring of chronic diseases, points the way

24 April 2017

UK Keeping score: tracking complications and side effects of surgery improves results

A study benchmarking outcomes for 32,000 women following hysterectomy has led to the development of a scorecard that can be used to track outcomes in all surgical specialties

22 April 2017

Setting the bar for measuring patient outcomes

ICHOM standards will soon cover half the global disease burden. Christina Åkerman, head of the consortium tells Science|Business their application will highlight inequalities, give greater priority to quality of life and help healthcare systems extract more value from restricted budgets

4 April 2017

UK New Cambridge research institute wants to cure hospital inefficiency

The science of healthcare is underdeveloped. A first-in-Europe institute opening in Cambridge aims to change this, providing evidence of how to organise health to improve outcomes

4 April 2017

US US National Academy of Medicine makes a pitch for value-based healthcare

In the thick of the row over the repeal of Obamacare and what is to follow, the US National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has set out its prospectus for reform of the US healthcare system

3 April 2017

US Which self-help websites actually improve health?

The internet teems with sites that promise to help people improve their health, but which really work?

3 April 2017

Sweden Karolinska Institutet: Validation of new biomarker-based prostate cancer test gets EIT funding

Stockholm3 prostate cancer diagnostic receives funding from the EU’s EIT Health cluster

3 April 2017

Case study: applying ICHOM outcomes measurements in Parkinson’s disease in Wales

Pilot study demonstrates the feasibility of collecting and utilising patient-reported data, and showed there are benefits of doing so.

2 April 2017

Denmark OECD urges Denmark to get its primary care database back online

Denmark was a leader in using primary care data to drive improvements in outcomes. The decision to take down the national database following security concerns was a major step backwards. Access must be restored says OECD

21 March 2017

UK How Wales is making better health and cost savings add up

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board set up a value-based team to collect and analyse data on how its budget is spent. This is helping to get better value for money and improving outcomes for patients with Parkinson’s disease, cataracts and chronic lung disease

20 March 2017

Warwick University: Better sleep improves physical and mental wellbeing

Getting a better night’s sleep can lead to improved physical and mental wellbeing over time

17 March 2017

Commission sets up task force to redesign healthcare around patients

A joint project by the health and digital technologies directorates aims to break the logjam in adopting ICT, promoting greater patient involvement and easing the flow of medical data for research, EU digital chief Roberto Viola tells Healthy Measures

7 March 2017

UK Deal paves the way for outcomes-based drug pricing

An agreement between the pharma industry and health care providers in Manchester will collect real-world data on the value of drugs. The aim is to open the door to fixing drug prices based on how effective they are in everyday use

6 March 2017

Austria GE Healthcare: showcasing Austrian radiology network at the European Congress of Radiology

Five hospitals belonging to Austria’s largest healthcare provider NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding, and seven private diagnostic centres have formed a radiology collaboration network that is enabling clinicians to securely access patient data from any hospital.

5 March 2017

MSD: Adults with diabetes are unaware of the increased risk for some illnesses

Many adults with diabetes are unaware of their increased risk for certain serious illnesses, including pneumococcal pneumonia/pneumococcal disease, flu and hepatitis B, according to a recent national online survey sponsored by Merck & Co. (known as MSD in Europe) and the American Diabetes Association.

4 March 2017

Warwick University: Removing ovaries during hysterectomy linked to increase in heart disease, cancer and premature death

A study led by Warwick University has found a link between the removal of both ovaries during hysterectomy and an increase in heart disease, cancer and premature death.

3 March 2017

US Health in your pocket: Can a mobile phone make healthcare more fair?

A Georgia Tech researcher explores how mobile devices can be used to close the gap in quality of healthcare between rich and poor

21 February 2017

Spain Conference report: Give patients control of their data to make healthcare more effective

As more health data gets stored and analysed, the challenges of governance and culture stand in the way of progress, a Science|Business Healthy Measures conference heard. A solution: citizen involvement

20 February 2017

Sweden The Netherlands Device to distinguish bacterial from viral infections wins EU innovation prize

European Commission awards €1M to new 10 minute test which identifies if a patient can be treated without antibiotics

7 February 2017

Patient outcomes: Are we acting on the data?

Health systems can gather all kinds of patient data, but are they analysing and acting on it? A Science|Business conference gathered views from experts

6 February 2017

League table comparisons drive ten years of increasing patient satisfaction with healthcare

Europe’s publicly-funded health systems have improved year on year for a decade, according to the European Consumer Health Index, published today. But there remain large variations and many opportunities to learn from the best performers

31 January 2017

Macedonia Macedonian miracle as eHealth system ends hospital waiting lists

An online booking system has helped Macedonia abolish waiting lists. The European Consumer Health Index shows Serbia is set to do the same - and others may follow

31 January 2017

Health ministers call for outcomes-based approach to end wasteful spending

Up to 20 per cent of health spending is ineffective or harmful, according to the OECD. Cross-country comparisons of outcomes are needed to expose wasteful clinical care

24 January 2017

Hospitals should borrow more ideas from hotels

While other industries have reinvented themselves around the consumer, in healthcare a huge gap exists between patients’ expectations and service delivery that is stuck in the past. Our healthcare systems should organise around the needs of the service user

23 January 2017

Real-world evidence moves to centre-stage in health technology appraisals

Europe’s health technology assessment bodies want to know that products which show efficacy in clinical trials will work in their health systems. Companies are now required to collect real world evidence on patient outcomes says Mirella Marlow, Programme Director at NICE

22 January 2017

OECD health ministers back new global league table of patient experiences

International comparisons of patient-reported experience of medical care will enable health systems to pinpoint what works and what does not, cutting waste and adding value

17 January 2017

Call for healthcare to be assessed on outcomes not activity

As static budgets come head-to-head with spiralling demand, Europe must find a way to get more out of its substantial investment in health. A Science|Business event hears the answer lies in measuring patient outcomes to understand what works

10 January 2017

UK Apply outcomes to assess – and address – inequality in Europe’s heath care systems

High quality does not always equate to high value in healthcare. Teasing out what works is essential to making Europe’s healthcare systems sustainable for the future

9 January 2017

UK Rx for the elderly: Get a female doctor, study suggests

Harvard research shows people are less likely to be readmitted to hospital – and less likely to die – after treatment by female doctors

8 January 2017

Why measure patient outcomes?

Healthcare and policy experts from across the EU say that measuring patient outcomes will enable member-states to move from hospital- to patient-centered healthcare systems.

20 December 2016

Denmark Danish regions testing new ways to finance health services

A series of pilot projects will use patient outcomes to inform funding decisions, initiating a move from activity-based to value-based healthcare

13 December 2016

Norway MedTech Forum, Brussels: Norway puts pain ahead of price when picking catheters

A Norwegian hospital group factored in patient perception of pain and when deciding which intravenous catheters to buy. As a result, it bought more expensive devices, but they are easier to use, saving time, reducing pain

12 December 2016

UK UK view: Listen to patients and staff

The NHS and local authorities are setting the future direction of health and care in new Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Listening to staff and patients should be at the core of drawing up those plans, says John Morley, CEO of Formic

12 December 2016

Securing health data won’t be easy

“This is a topic which warrants attention,” says Fagon.

11 December 2016

France France gathers health satisfaction data from 110,000 patients a year

According to Felix Faucon, French member of the EU expert group on Health Systems Performance Assessment, France is the only country where almost all the acute care hospitals gather patient data and use the results in real time.

11 December 2016

Denmark Pilot projects in Denmark use patient outcomes to help reform the healthcare system

Danish regions are experimenting with new approaches to using patient reported outcome measures

10 December 2016

Call to measure patient outcomes and move to evidence-based health budgeting

Policymakers push for Europe-wide commitment to fill the knowledge gaps and make healthcare systems sustainable

29 November 2016

France Patient outcomes: the view from France

France to publish patient satisfaction rates for all hospitals by end of year

28 November 2016

Health at a Glance: Chronic disease costs European economy €115B a year

Joint European Commission and OECD study of 36 countries finds big disparities in outcomes and says governments should spend more on public health and prevention to cut premature deaths

24 November 2016

UK Survey shows cancer patients want clear information on treatments

Patients can play active role in shaping drug development and treatment goals, but they need intelligible information to do so

15 November 2016

UK New research will explore patients’ real-life experiences with arthritis drugs

Social media conversations between people living with rheumatoid arthritis are set to be mined for insights into the treatment of this chronic, painful and disabling condition.

15 November 2016

EU needs interoperable standards for patient data, says Karolinska expert

Video interview with Martin Ingvar, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet

15 November 2016

How to buy more – and fairer – healthcare: ask the patients

Science|Business launches a new service to track the growing use of patient data in improving health systems

7 November 2016

Belgium A new idea for targeting prostate treatments – in development

Diagnostics company MDxHealth has developed a test to target therapies more accurately, reducing the need for invasive biopsies and improving outcomes

6 November 2016

Missing: the patient's view of healthcare, says OECD expert

The head of the health division at the OECD, Francesca Colombo, says members are making poor use of health data. She is calling for a broader collection of personal health information, to reflect the outcomes that matter to patients

5 November 2016

In the lab: a big data project is trying to improve outcomes for patients

The EU-funded Innovative Medicines Initiative is making advances in harnessing health records at scale, unlocking the power of data to tackle hard-to-beat diseases

2 November 2016

The 5 biggest problems in healthcare today

Harvard economist Michael Porter argues that, to improve performance, healthcare systems need to measure not what goes in, but what comes out.

2 November 2016

VIDEO: British MEP looks for solutions to keep the EMA in London after Brexit

Kay Swinburne, a British member of the European Parliament envisions an intergovernmental future for the London-based European Medicines Agency. “Can’t the EMA become a much broader agency that serves not just the EU but the whole of Europe?” Swinburne asked at a Science|Business meeting last month.

2 November 2016

Latest research & reports

 GERMANY & UK: Questionnaires can be a good predictor of survival rates in multiple sclerosis

The way in which patients with multiple sclerosis answer questionnaires could help to predict their survival rate from the disease, according to a new study which shows that MS patients with higher scores on a standardised questionnaire were more likely to die in the next 10 years compared to those who recorded lower scores

 US: Call for coordinated care for high-needs patients to improve outcomes and cut spending

With nearly half of US healthcare budgets accounted for by 5 per cent of patients, improving health outcomes and curbing spending requires those with high needs to be identified and provided with coordinated services through successful care models that link medical, behavioural, and community resources, according to a report from the National Academy of Medicine

 EU: New study reveals the high cost of traumatic brain injury in years of life lost

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health threat contributing to mortality and morbidity around the world, according to a study in PLOS Medicine that quantifies the burden of TBI on the populations of Europe

 US: 20-year study shows surgery for early prostate cancer may not save lives

A study that began in 1994 has provided further evidence that prostate cancer surgery offers negligible benefits to many men with early-stage disease

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