Patient outcomes

Paying for health: reward results not activity

24 April 2017 - There is general recognition healthcare systems need to shift from paying for volume to paying for outcomes, but this is a difficult change to make. A new incentive system in France for funding remote monitoring of chronic diseases, points the way

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UK Keeping score: tracking complications and side effects of surgery improves results

22 April 2017 - A study benchmarking outcomes for 32,000 women following hysterectomy has led to the development of a scorecard that can be used to track outcomes in all surgical specialties

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Patient outcomes

Setting the bar for measuring patient outcomes

4 April 2017 - ICHOM standards will soon cover half the global disease burden. Christina Åkerman, head of the consortium tells Science|Business their application will highlight inequalities, give greater priority to quality of life and help healthcare systems extract more value from restricted budgets

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UK New Cambridge research institute wants to cure hospital inefficiency

The science of healthcare is underdeveloped. A first-in-Europe institute opening in Cambridge aims to change this, providing evidence of how to organise health to improve outcomes

4 April 2017

US US National Academy of Medicine makes a pitch for value-based healthcare

In the thick of the row over the repeal of Obamacare and what is to follow, the US National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has set out its prospectus for reform of the US healthcare system

3 April 2017
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Research & Reports

 UK: Wellcome Trust launches understanding patient data website

Research carried out by the UK medical research charity Wellcome Trust last year found only a third of people felt they had a good understanding of how the National Health Service (NHS) uses patient information

EU/US: First collaborative definition of patient centricity published

A definition of patient centricity, drawn up in collaboration with patients and carers, has been published for use by the pharmaceutical industry.

UK: Roll out of mobile and digital health technology could save NHS billions

Remote monitoring technology is the key to easing the NHS bed blocking crisis, according to a report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

UK: Every £1 spent on public health saves an average of £14

Every £1 spent on public health returns an extra £14 on the original investment, on average, and in some cases, significantly more than that, according to a review of the evidence, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

Ireland: First assessment in the EU finds measures to help smokers quit are effective and value for money

The first assessment in the EU of interventions to help people quit smoking and the comparative cost effectiveness of different approaches shows that all current interventions are more cost-effective than trying to stop without assistance

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Patient Measures – a guide to the field

Many researchers now think that a key to improving healthcare is asking patients what they think of their treatments: What worked? Here, Science|Business Healthy Measures offers a quick guide to the literature.

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All digital: How e-health can improve the patient experience

16 October 2017, Tallinn

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference (date TBC)

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