Denmark Denmark plans shake-up of diabetes care

18 July 2017 - A clinic owned by the pharma company Novo Nordisk for 82 years passed into public ownership at the start of 2017. Now the Steno Diabetes Centre in Copenhagen is the focal point of a move to transform diabetes care across the region and beyond

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University of Warwick: Digital communication improves young patient engagement

17 July 2017 - Digital communication improves young patient engagement, according to new study, which shows that using texts, emails, Skype and other digital communication methods can improve the healthcare experience of younger patients

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Aalto University: Novel 3D matrix will allow predictive and effective breast cancer treatment

17 July 2017 - The extracellular matrix keeps the structure of the tumor tissues unchanged and thereby allows correct and personalized drug identification.

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Barcelona Supercomputing Center will help to develop Catalan health indicators browser

17 July 2017 - The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) will collaborate with the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation (AQuAS) to make browsable health outcomes and quality indicators of the Catalan health system

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Esade: Digital health and public-private partnerships are challenges for the Spanish healthcare system

Trinidad Jiménez (Telefonica): “Citizens’ distrust of the healthcare system is due to a problem of expectations”

17 July 2017

US: women report new machine makes mammograms more comfortable

Boca Raton Regional Hospital patients have reported a noticeable difference in comfort during the exam, as well as faster exams, with new imaging technology

17 July 2017
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 GERMANY & UK: Questionnaires can be a good predictor of survival rates in multiple sclerosis

The way in which patients with multiple sclerosis answer questionnaires could help to predict their survival rate from the disease, according to a new study which shows that MS patients with higher scores on a standardised questionnaire were more likely to die in the next 10 years compared to those who recorded lower scores

US: Call for coordinated care for high-needs patients to improve outcomes and cut spending

With nearly half of US healthcare budgets accounted for by 5 per cent of patients, improving health outcomes and curbing spending requires those with high needs to be identified and provided with coordinated services through successful care models that link medical, behavioural, and community resources, according to a report from the National Academy of Medicine

EU: New study reveals the high cost of traumatic brain injury in years of life lost

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health threat contributing to mortality and morbidity around the world, according to a study in PLOS Medicine that quantifies the burden of TBI on the populations of Europe

US: 20-year study shows surgery for early prostate cancer may not save lives

A study that began in 1994 has provided further evidence that prostate cancer surgery offers negligible benefits to many men with early-stage disease

UK: New commissioning guide will help in tailoring care

The first openly-available comprehensive resource of measures relating to patient experience and person-centred care has been published in a single guide for health commissioners in the UK

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Patient Measures – a guide to the field

Many researchers now think that a key to improving healthcare is asking patients what they think of their treatments: What worked? Here, Science|Business Healthy Measures offers a quick guide to the literature.

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The data shift: Moving toward outcomes-based healthcare

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Global progress on the value agenda

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