news Antonio Tajani: My outlook for EU research

Newly-elected EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani tells Science|Business where and how the EU should be spending its research cash in the coming years

news European Parliament presidential election: where the candidates stand on research

During five years in office, Martin Schultz has turned the post of president into one of the most influential in the EU. With seven MEPs vying to replace him in the election Science|Business assesses their attitudes to R&D

news Cross-border cooperation in R&D on the rise, speeding growth of Science|Business Network

Brexit, healthcare management, EU R&D planning and other hot-button topics drive expansion of Brussels-based innovation network to more than 50 members from 17 countries

news What should the next Framework Programme look like?

As the Commission gets an early start on planning its next big R&D programme, Science|Business launches a special report summarising dozens of ideas gathered at its Brussels conference

news Ties that bind: Brexit to deliver challenges and opportunities for Irish universities

The UK’s exit from the EU may have bigger consequences for Ireland’s universities than counterparts in mainland Europe. Patrick Prendergast, head of Trinity College Dublin, spells out his concerns

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event Defence R&D: On the rise in the EU

A Science|Business Network event (by invitation only)

Brussels - 26 January 2017

event Playing the Brexit cards: Strategies for universities and companies

Science|Business Brexit ground launch

Brussels - 28 February 2017

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viewpoints EU has three options for filling its £8.5B Brexit funding hole

The UK’s contributions to the Euro club looks set to stop in the next few years, creating a problem for the long-term planning of the EU budget. German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel considers ways of addressing the practical headache

viewpoints Who says the world is falling apart?

Science and technology remain our strongest hope to unite people, and keep the peace. Science|Business will do its small part to keep cross-border collaboration alive

viewpoints We are not prepared to defend against the next big cyberattack in Europe

Lessons were not sufficiently drawn from the heavy hit on Estonia’s internet back in 2007, says EU cyber watchdog Udo Helmbrecht. Technical proficiency has improved, but the EU could not mount a coordinated response

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Science|Business Network

network University of Amsterdam: Learn to build your high-tech company

In February 2017 UvA startup incubator ACE Venture Lab organizes a five day intensive training program for students, researchers and industry specialists who want to turn their science or high-tech idea into a successful company.

network ETH Zurich: In a simple way to great complexity

ETH microbiologists have succeeded in showing that nature produces one of the most complex known bioactive natural products in a staggeringly simple way. The molecule originates from bacteria living in sea sponges. In future, it may be possible to produce the agent very easily using biotechnology, making it an interesting avenue for cancer research.

network SMART, a new EUREKA program on advanced manufacturing

SMART, the new EUREKA Advanced Manufacturing research program, will offer leading industrial sectors the opportunity to include their own priorities in...

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Focus on health

Science|Business has introduced a new journal focused on healthcare: Healthy Measures. Subscribe for updates.

OECD health ministers back new global league table of patient outcomes

International comparisons of patient-reported experience of medical care will enable health systems to pinpoint what works and what does not, cutting waste and adding value

Apply outcomes to assess – and address – inequality in Europe’s heath care systems

High quality does not always equate to high value in healthcare. Teasing out what works is essential to making Europe’s healthcare systems sustainable for the future

Rx for the elderly: Get a female doctor, study suggests

Harvard research shows people are less likely to be readmitted to hospital – and less likely to die – after treatment by female doctors

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Urgent questions about food and diet that ERC researchers are trying to answer. Their results could make you healthier.

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During three intense ERC= SCIENCE² project days in Gdynia (October 14th – 16th), more than 1500 members of society were attracted by the food research funded by European Research Council (ERC).

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