news MEPs round on Viktor Orbán in the parliament

Senior EU leaders took on Hungary’s prime minister in war of words, as Brussels launched legal proceedings against new law in Hungary that could force the independent Central European University to close

news You marched for science – what now?

The March for Science was an unprecedented show of solidarity and protest against the rise of “anti-science” and alternative facts. Back in the lab, here are some suggestions for how the momentum can be maintained

news Nerdy and joyous with serious intent: out on the march for science

Scientists and their supporters took to the streets in 500 marches around the world on Saturday to celebrate science and stress the importance of evidence-based policy. Here are some of the scenes in Brussels, Boston and London

news MPs tell UK government to unilaterally guarantee rights of EU27 staff in UK universities

The UK’s world-leading higher education sector risks a brain drain post-Brexit. A cross-party group of MPs says uncertainties for staff and students should be removed immediately

news World’s first gene therapy to be withdrawn in from market in Europe

After treating only one person with the ground-breaking therapy, uniqure is giving up on Glybera and shifting all its commercial manufacturing to the US

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event Framework Programme Working Group

A Science|Business Network session (for members only)

Brussels - 11 May 2017

event Rules of Engagement - The European Open Science Cloud

Meeting of the Science|Business Cloud Consultation Group

Brussels - 19 May 2017

event Health transformations: How smarter use of data can improve health and wellbeing – and stimulate the economy

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference

Helsinki - 23 May 2017

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viewpoints CEU rector makes raw appeal for EU support in fight against threatened closure

“Viktor Orbán has a gun to our heads,” Michael Ignatieff tells MEPs as he continues the fight against a law which threatens to shut the Central European University

viewpoints Research Commissioner tells the March for Science: Don’t stop now

Addressing marchers in Lisbon, Carlos Moedas told them to translate their issues into political momentum. First step: come and knock on his door

viewpoints We’re in a desperate fight to keep our university open

Tomorrow, the European University in St Petersburg will have its license to operate revoked. “When there are 11 state agencies scrutinising you, there might be something political behind it,” Grigorii Golosov, professor of political science, tells Science|Business

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report Research Strategies The next Framework Programme

In October 2016, the Science|Network of universities, companies and innovation organisations gathered in Brussels to debate the future of EU R&D programmes. The result: A profusion of ideas, recommendations and warnings for the future of EU research and innovation.

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Science|Business Network

network Centres for the UK Dementia Research Institute announced

The locations of the centres for the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI), whose hub of research activity and operational headquarters is based at UCL, have been named as the University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London and King’s College London

network €1M for research on electromagnetic brain stimulation

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation has awarded a grant for a joint project developed by Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland

network Reactive Oxygen® research wins prestigious innovation award

Scientists at the University of Birmingham are developing a powerful, new technology that could transform our ability to fight drug-resistant infections, reduce suffering and save lives have won a prestigious innovation award

network TEDxBrussels: Open Science can save the planet

Frontiers’ CEO, Kamila Markram, makes a case for why open science is the key to innovation, economic growth and solutions to a sustainable future.

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Focus on health

Science|Business has introduced a new journal focused on healthcare: Healthy Measures. Subscribe for updates.

Paying for health: reward results not activity

There is general recognition healthcare systems need to shift from paying for volume to paying for outcomes, but this is a difficult change to make. A new incentive system in France for funding remote monitoring of chronic diseases, points the way

Keeping score: tracking complications and side effects of surgery improves results

A study benchmarking outcomes for 32,000 women following hysterectomy has led to the development of a scorecard that can be used to track outcomes in all surgical specialties

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Science|Business is coordinator of this Horizon 2020 project to communicate the work of ERC grantees.

ERC researchers are unravelling the secrets of longevity, exploring ways of adding ‘life to years’ as well as ‘years to life’. (Hint: It helps to be a monk.)

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New research on the gender gap in how long people live – starting with nuns and monks


A cure for Alzheimers? It seems far off, if not impossible. But a researcher for France’s computer science institute thinks that computer-generated avatars – not quite as glamorous as in the Hollywood movie – could at least help predict your odds of getting the disease.


Share City: Global food sharing research presented at Boston conference April 5-9