news Director General of the Joint Research Centre calls EU chief scientific adviser role into question

Brussels’s short-lived science advice experiment was “difficult”, and the reaction to the scrapping of the role overblown, says Vladimir Šucha, head of the EU’s in-house science service

news EU accuses Google of search results bias

Google’s products are systematically displayed at the top of the page, irrespective of relevance to the query, says Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who also confirmed a separate probe into company’s mobile software Android

news Open Sesame: scientists to get access to new Middle East synchrotron

European scientists can now apply for research contracts and jobs at the third generation light source at the Sesame facility in Jordan, which is due to come on stream next year

news Big guns of UK universities lobby against research cuts in Brussels

With time running out to reverse Horizon 2020 cuts, UK universities take their fight to the EU’s doorstep

news Agreement to limit use of crops as feedstock for biofuels

Politicians have approved a cap on the volume of biofuel from agricultural crops that can be used for transport

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viewpoints Smart specialisation: how a harsh climate inspired a tech boom

Cold air and abundant renewable energy are the ingredients for greener data centres, says Matz Engman, who helped entice internet giant Facebook to set up shop in the remote north of Sweden

viewpoints IPO Task Force calls for new rules to help small companies go public

Mounds of paperwork and regulation are blocking the route to capital markets for small companies. It’s time for reforms to change this, says Rainer Riess, head of the Federation for European Securities

viewpoints How natural materials can be patent protected

Limpet teeth have overtaken spider silk as the world’s strongest natural material. As attempts are made to replicate and put this material to use, it is important to look to the IP strategy, say patent attorneys Ben Dempster and Jennifer Unsworth

viewpoints Equity crowdfunding can step in to plug the valley of death in drug discovery

A new online platform ShareIn is connecting biotech companies with investors. This is forcing traditional funders to up their game and cut back on layers of intermediary costs for start-ups, says Jude Cook, co-founder of ShareIn

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report Views of 2030: Transport, manufacturing, education and health

In October 2014, members of the Science|Business Network of universities and companies met in Berlin to compare notes about the future of four key sectors in Europe. This is what they see coming.

report Fixing the system: Horizon 2020 should focus on the overall system for delivering healthcare, experts say

Across the European Union, healthcare authorities are striving to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their delivery systems. The population is...

report The Innovation Connection: Yearbook of the Academic Enterprise Awards

Every year since 2008, the Science|Business Innovation Board has gathered entrepreneurs and innovators from across Europe for its annual awards. Meet this year’s winners – transforming education, enterprise, and the economy.

report BIG SCIENCE: What’s It Worth?

The world spends millions a year on telescopes, synchrotrons, colliders, DNA databases and other ‘big science’ projects. What does it get for that money?

report From Open Science to Open Innovation

This paper highlights the need for developing appropriate new open innovation institutions, to help bridge this gap from open science to open innovation.

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event Scientific evidence in policymaking: the role of the JRC

A high-level dinner debate on the best approaches to deal with a changing and evolving science and knowledge environment.

Brussels - 28 May 2015

event 2015 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium (Partner event)

The 5th annual Symposium, London June 2/3, 2015

London - 02 June 2015

event Investing in breakthrough technologies: The case of ‘ATTRACT’

A Science|Business Dinner for investors interested in joining a dynamic new technology initiative

London - 03 June 2015

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S|B Innovation Network

network Biogen Presents New Anti-LINGO-1 Phase 2 Acute Optic Neuritis Data Demonstrating Neurological Repair

"RENEW is the first study to show repair of the human central nervous system (CNS) through remyelination, and the results support our ongoing development of this molecule"

network Imperial heart attack drug research awarded 2.7m pound funding

Imperial College London has been awarded a £2.7 million grant to develop drugs that lessen the damage caused by a heart attack.

network Contract signed for Aalto-1 satellite launch

Finland's first ever satellite set for launch at the end of this year.

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S|B Innovation Board


Innovation is vital to Europe’s future - and the Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL is a non-profit scientific association formed to improve the climate for innovation.