news EU proposes method for picking the winner of EMA contest

Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Barcelona among top contenders to replace London as home for European Medicines Agency, following new rules for the October decision

news Imperial College tech commercialisation group rejects takeover bid from IP Group

Combination of the two would create £1.3 billion university technology investment company

news Open Sesame: Triumph for science diplomacy as synchrotron opens in Jordan

Exactly 20 years after it was proposed, the first shared world class scientific facility in the Middle East is about to get up and running

news Experts call for ‘people before projects’ revamp of EU research programme

New report from influential group recommends ditching large-scale projects in favour of funding outstanding individual researchers, getting rid of submission deadlines and awarding smaller grants to make the pie go further

news Declaration calls for all clinical studies to be registered and the results published

Leading funders of clinical research around the world say they will require grant holders to register trials in advance and to publish data in full, regardless of whether the results are positive or not

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event The EIT: What is its future?

A private Science|Business Network dinner, by invitation only

Brussels - 30 May 2017

event New world order: Science, technology & trade

A Science|Business public conference

Brussels - 27 June 2017

event Nuts & bolts: What next for the EU’s Key Enabling Technologies programmes?

Science|Business Network dinner

Brussels - 27 September 2017

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viewpoints WannaCry attack is a wake-up call for hospitals

After ignoring previous warnings, security experts say it is now time for health systems to address their IT blind spots – before the next big cyber attack

viewpoints Why Brexit could be a bad thing for Swedish science

While other countries have assessed the overall impact of Brexit, Sweden is alone in analysing the specific effects on R&D. There could be severe consequences for the size and shape of Framework Programmes that will reverberate through Swedish research

viewpoints All of European science will be diminished by Brexit

Try as they might, no one can see a bright side to Brexit, either for the UK or the EU27. The only course is damage limitation, agreed speakers at a debate ‘Brexit the scientific impact’

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report Research Strategies The next Framework Programme

In October 2016, the Science|Network of universities, companies and innovation organisations gathered in Brussels to debate the future of EU R&D programmes. The result: A profusion of ideas, recommendations and warnings for the future of EU research and innovation.

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Science|Business Network

network Finland's first 5G development environment opens to businesses in Oulu

The 5GTN test environment supports corporate product development. 5G benefits include e.g. high-speed and reliable connections, short delays, energy savings and connectivity.

network Huawei doubles down on commitment to ICT in Spain

During a visit to China by a delegation from the Spanish Government, Inigo de la Serna, Spain's Minister of Public Works,...

network Aalto researchers create anticancer nanomaterials by simulating underwater volcanic conditions

The novel method enables making nanoclusters of zinc peroxide in an environmentally friendly manner.

network ESADE BAN reaches deal with online investment platform Crowdcube

The business angels network will enable the entire ESADE community to make investments starting at €500 in start-ups supported by ESADE BAN investors. ESADE is the first business school to launch an initiative of this sort.

network Registration open for EDPS workshop on data-driven life

On 18 May 2017, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) is hosting a workshop on Data Driven Life in Brussels (see...

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Focus on health

Science|Business has introduced a new journal focused on healthcare: Healthy Measures. Subscribe for updates.

Finland’s complex overhaul of healthcare promises more choice for patients

Better and cheaper care are the main selling points for a major reform scheduled for 2019. But critics says this timetable is too rushed

Outcomes that matter to patients derive more value from health budgets

Prostate cancer survival rates are the same across Germany, but by using outcomes data to drive improvements, Hamburg’s Martini-Klinik ensures better quality of life post-surgery. It is a pioneer and role model, says Michael Porter, father of value-based healthcare

As a digital healthcare leader, Denmark is troubled by tech disruptors

The growing presence in healthcare of companies like Google, Apple and Amazon is driving the proliferation of untested, unregulated tools and poses a threat to a well-functioning and open health system

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Science|Business is coordinator of this Horizon 2020 project to communicate the work of ERC grantees.

ERC researchers are unravelling the secrets of longevity, exploring ways of adding ‘life to years’ as well as ‘years to life’. (Hint: It helps to be a monk.)

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There’s never a good time to get bad news from your doctor. But for some diseases, early diagnosis is crucial. ERC-funded researchers are studying ways to apply computer power to identifying and treating disease


Pioneering citizen science photo project opens May 4 in European Parliament


New research on the gender gap in how long people live – starting with nuns and monks


A cure for Alzheimers? It seems far off, if not impossible. But a researcher for France’s computer science institute thinks that computer-generated avatars – not quite as glamorous as in the Hollywood movie – could at least help predict your odds of getting the disease.