Healthcare policy

Finland Finland’s complex overhaul of healthcare promises more choice for patients

23 May 2017 - Better and cheaper care are the main selling points for a major reform scheduled for 2019. But critics says this timetable is too rushed

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Patient outcomes

Germany Outcomes that matter to patients derive more value from health budgets

22 May 2017 - Prostate cancer survival rates are the same across Germany, but by using outcomes data to drive improvements, Hamburg’s Martini-Klinik ensures better quality of life post-surgery. It is a pioneer and role model, says Michael Porter, father of value-based healthcare

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Healthcare policy

Denmark As a digital healthcare leader, Denmark is troubled by tech disruptors

21 May 2017 - The growing presence in healthcare of companies like Google, Apple and Amazon is driving the proliferation of untested, unregulated tools and poses a threat to a well-functioning and open health system

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Patient outcomes

Ireland Ireland launches experiment in patient data

9 May 2017 - The country’s first nationwide survey of patients’ views is intended to provide insights that can be used to improve care quality. This is a chance to accelerate much-needed change, say patient advocates

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Spain Patients on recovery fast track spend less time in hospital

A hospital in Barcelona is saving money by embracing a proven system for speeding recovery from surgery - without jeopardising patient care. Now it is planned to extend the enhanced recovery scheme around the country

8 May 2017

Paying for health: reward results not activity

There is general recognition healthcare systems need to shift from paying for volume to paying for outcomes, but this is a difficult change to make. A new incentive system in France for funding remote monitoring of chronic diseases, points the way

24 April 2017
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Research & Reports

Patient outcomes  World: First-ever global study finds massive healthcare inequity within and between countries

People are dying from preventable causes at rates higher than expected, according to the first-ever global study, which has uncovered massive inequity of access to, and quality of health care among and within countries, and concludes people are dying from causes with well-known treatments

Sweden: Study indicates patients are prescribed potentially futile drugs at end of life

Nearly half of older adults in Sweden take ten or more medications in their last months of life, often receiving drugs of questionable benefit, according to the first study conducted on the burden of end-of-life medications across an entire population

Sweden: Tablet device helps heart failure patients take the right dose of diuretics

A handheld tablet device is helping heart failure patients to manage their disease, according to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology meeting EuroHeartCare in Jonkoping, Sweden on Saturday (20 May)

US: Enhanced recovery after surgery programme improves outcomes

A comprehensive Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme implemented at US healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente’s 20 Northern California medical centres involving nearly 9,000 patients, resulted in a one-third reduction in postoperative complication rates and a 21 per cent reduction in prescriptions of opioid painkillers

EU: Call to end disparity in access to innovative medicines

New approaches to drug regulation and reimbursement are needed to improve access to innovation, advance patients’ rights and ensure patients are involved in policy making and regulatory processes, according to speakers at the 11th European Patients’ Rights day, held in Brussels earlier this month

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Patient Measures – a guide to the field

Many researchers now think that a key to improving healthcare is asking patients what they think of their treatments: What worked? Here, Science|Business Healthy Measures offers a quick guide to the literature.

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All digital: How e-health can improve the patient experience

16 October 2017, Tallinn

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference (date TBC)

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