Horizon 2020: Top Stories
European Parliament presidential election: where the candidates stand on research
During five years in office, Martin Schultz has turned the post of president into one of the most influential in the EU. With seven MEPs vying to replace him in the election Science|Business assesses their attitudes to R&D
Antonio Tajani: My outlook for EU research
Newly-elected EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani tells Science|Business where and how the EU should be spending its research cash in the coming years
EU governments slash Horizon 2020 top-up in half
Incoming budget head Günther Oettinger says the research programme will receive an extra €200M – and not €400M as proposed. Top universities say this is “peanuts” next to the €2.2B taken from Horizon 2020 to fund the Juncker Plan
Swiss researchers see deal in sight for re-admission to EU research programme
Crucial vote to settle long-running dispute on immigration could see scientists fully welcomed back into Horizon 2020
Review of European Institute for Technology and Innovation calls for change at the top
A second investigation, ordered by Education Commissioner Tibor Navracsics, confirms the need for fundamental reform of management and says EIT’s knowledge and innovation communities will require longer-term funding
World study sees warning signs for future R&D spending
Pressure on the public purse means research investment is slowing, according to the OECD. Government R&D budgets are in decline following 30 years of growth
Spain continues to lead pack in SME Instrument
The latest figures show Spanish companies receive the most funding from the EU’s start-up engine
European Defence Agency gives first details of military research pilot
As the EU lays the ground for its first foray into defence research, Denis Roger, Director of European synergies and innovation talks to Science|Business about what to expect from the new €90 million programme
How the European Research Council came to be
The ERC has become one of the world’s most important funders of basic research. As it approaches its 10th anniversary, a new account describes the formation and subsequent development of this beacon of excellence
Horizon 2020 grant application success rate drops to 10.7 per cent
An analysis of the first two years of Horizon 2020 lays bare the growing competition for EU research money. The chances of securing a grant are now around half what they were in Framework Programme 7
FAQ: What you need to know, but were afraid to ask, about the EU Open Science Cloud
The EU Commission has proposed a European Open Science Cloud. Science|Business, following its September 20 members’ conference on the topic, offers this primer
Rise in research ties between UK and rest of the EU prior to Brexit vote
According to new Nature Index, collaboration between scientists in the UK and those elsewhere in the EU increased over the past four years
Science group hits out at EU military research plan
UK-based Scientists for Global Responsibility calls for a serious debate among scientists before the EU ‘crosses the line’ into defence R&D
EU proposes Europe-wide tax breaks for R&D
European Commission has put forward rules on how R&D could be supported through an ambitious new tax system. In an example given by the Commission, a company that spends €30 million on R&D could deduct €42.5 million from its taxable income
New defence fund approved by MEPs
EU parliament approves large-scale spending on military research for the first time
UK scientists begin to feel the Brexit pinch
Fall in the pound pushes up price of chemical reagents and lab equipment for UK researchers
Let the people decide how to spend (some) EU research funds
Making the case for giving citizens a say on future science paths and some other ideas for the European Commission’s next research programme
Horizon 2020: Special Coverage

Science|Business journalists and experts in Brussels are closely following the latest developments of the multi-billion Horizon 2020 programme, which aims to boost innovation in Europe between 2014 and 2020.

The programme is already underway: €79 billion over seven years for strengthening Europe’s technology base, pioneering science, sustaining innovative small companies, and helping solve some of our biggest societal challenges – in energy, healthcare, climate, security, food, transport and social cohesion.

The 2016 Science|Business Horizon 2020 Conference - 4th Edition
This year, 2016, marks a turning point for Horizon 2020, the world’s second largest civilian research programme. After a strong start in 2014 with a funding rise and a surge in applications, the €77 billion programme is beset with questions about its future: Will its overall, annual budget be cut in this year’s EU funding review? How can it deal with the continuing tide of grant applications? What can applicants do to increase the odds of success? At the conference, Horizon 2020 experts will deliver tips and advice to perform better.
Horizon 2020: The insiders’ guide
Horizon 2020: The insiders’ guide
The insider’s guide to Horizon 2020 with expert funding tips to help increase your odds of success
EU has three options for filling its £8.5B Brexit funding hole
The UK’s contributions to the Euro club looks set to stop in the next few years, creating a problem for the long-term planning of the EU budget. German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel considers ways of addressing the practical headache
We are not prepared to defend against the next big cyberattack in Europe
Lessons were not sufficiently drawn from the heavy hit on Estonia’s internet back in 2007, says EU cyber watchdog Udo Helmbrecht. Technical proficiency has improved, but the EU could not mount a coordinated response
Horizon 2020 needs to work for all EU countries
A just-launched university lobby group wants to find new ways to recognise excellent research across the whole of the EU
MEPs urge Juncker to bridge east-west pay gap in Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020-funded researchers in poorer countries of the EU are paid less than if they worked on projects funded by their national governments. Two Romanian MEPs have written to Jean-Claude Juncker to complain about this discrimination
Horizon 2020: European Commission
European Commission
The European Commission released its Horizon 2020 proposal in November 2011, and details its strategy in an official communication.

The Commission put forward six legislative proposals:

Horizon 2020: European Parliament
European Parliament
In December 2012, the European Parliament's Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) committee almost unanimously adopted amendments for the six distinctive parts of the Horizon 2020 legislation. Parliament will now have to reach a compromise with its co-legislator, the Council of Ministers.

Draft ITRE reports (June 2012):

Final ITRE reports (December 2012):

Horizon 2020: Council of Ministers

During 2012, the EU Council of Ministers adopted a series of common positions on the Horizon 2020 package.