Patient outcomes

Health in your pocket: Can a mobile phone make healthcare more fair?

21 February 2017 - A Georgia Tech researcher explores how mobile devices can be used to close the gap in quality of healthcare between rich and poor

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Healthcare policy

Conference report: Give patients control of their data to make healthcare more effective

20 February 2017 - As more health data gets stored and analysed, the challenges of governance and culture stand in the way of progress, a Science|Business Healthy Measures conference heard. A solution: citizen involvement

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Device to distinguish bacterial from viral infections wins EU innovation prize

7 February 2017 - European Commission awards €1M to new 10 minute test which identifies if a patient can be treated without antibiotics

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Healthcare policy

Patient outcomes: Are we acting on the data?

6 February 2017 - Health systems can gather all kinds of patient data, but are they analysing and acting on it? A Science|Business conference gathered views from experts

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League table comparisons drive ten years of increasing patient satisfaction with healthcare

Europe’s publicly-funded health systems have improved year on year for a decade, according to the European Consumer Health Index, published today. But there remain large variations and many opportunities to learn from the best performers

31 January 2017

Macedonia Macedonian miracle as eHealth system ends hospital waiting lists

An online booking system has helped Macedonia abolish waiting lists. The European Consumer Health Index shows Serbia is set to do the same - and others may follow

31 January 2017
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Research & Reports

PROs and PROMs implementation in clinical practice  New EU guide to cost-effective and value-based cancer care will save lives and money

A three-year collaboration involving 25 EU countries and 126 partner organisations has culminated in the publication of the European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control.

OECD countries get ready to use electronic data to improve healthcare quality

An analysis of the level of preparedness of each EU member state to implement electronic health records shows there is an emerging effort in most countries to develop new information technology tools for managing large datasets and using electronic health records to improve the quality and performance of Europe’s healthcare systems.

Cancer immunotherapies require a new value-based model of patient-reported outcomes

Therapies that prime a patient’s own immune system to recognise and attack tumours are revolutionising cancer treatment. However, the high cost of novel immunotherapies raises concerns about access.

New recommendations for measuring health benefits of treatments

Health-state utility is a health economics measurement that determines a patient’s health status and quality of life following a treatment.

Netherlands: Erasmus Medical Hospital implements standards to improve treatment of children with cleft lip and palate

In January 2017, Erasmus MC began adapting its care pathways to match the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) standard set for all cleft palate patients , following a successful trial in 2016.

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Patient Measures – a guide to the field

Many researchers now think that a key to improving healthcare is asking patients what they think of their treatments: What worked? Here, Science|Business Healthy Measures offers a quick guide to the literature.

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Variation In Health Outcomes: Regional Case Studies

4 April 2017, Lyon, France

Science|Business Healthy Measures session, at BIOVISION

All digital: How e-health can improve the patient experience

4 September 2017, Tallinn

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference (date TBC)

Other events

event CareWell and BeyondSilos Joint Final Conference

During the conference, partners will present and share experiences on: evaluation and economic outcomes, predictive modelling methodology approach; easily transferable, high level pathways with solid evidence-base; change management in implementing technology enabled integrated care; and integration matrix for construction of new models for delivery of health and social care.

Barcelona - 28 February 2017

event DigiHealth UK: Enhancing the Patient’s Journey

DigiHealth UK: Enhancing the Patient’s Journey will promote the best practices in digital healthcare innovation along the patient journey as well as the very latest opportunities on the horizon in the health and social care sector.

London - 02 March 2017

event EHTEL 2017 Symposium "Going all digital - Making it happen for health"

The yearly EHTEL Symposium convenes the European eHealth community - health policy leaders, strategic EU projects and initiatives, NGOs, industrialists and more stakeholders. The 2017 Event is inspired by EHTEL's championship for the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society.

VMA premises of the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels - 15 March 2017

event Patient Safety Global Action Summit

Second Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety

Bonn, Germany - 29 March 2017

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