Registration open for EDPS workshop on data-driven life


On 18 May 2017, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) is hosting a workshop on Data Driven Life in Brussels (see the agenda). This is the second workshop in the series organised by the EDPS advancing the global debate on the ethical dimension of the digital revolution.

It is a hallmark of the digital revolution we are experiencing that data infuses every aspect of society and private life.

Our lives are being documented and even determined by the digital traces we leave behind and by the inferences organisations and algorithms make about that data. The massive collection of information allows private and public entities to predict our behaviour, score our reputation or nudge us to undertake certain actions. What are the positive and negative consequences of these data-driven changes for society as a whole and for our ability to pursue our own life choices?

The European Data Protection Supervisor has initiated an international debate on the ethical dimension of data protection in the digital era. The European Data Protection Supervisor, in cooperation with the Ethics Advisory Group, is organising the Data Driven Life workshop to nurture the debate on digital ethics. The conversation will speakers from a variety of academic and practical perspectives.

The event is a unique opportunity for speakers and participants to contribute to this report. Luciano Floridi, Member of the Ethics Advisory Group will moderate the Conference.

A small number of seats is still available. To register, please send us an email by 12th May.


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