Finland gets ready for SciFest 2017

SciFest is the prime Finnish festival that celebrates science, technology and the environment together with children and young people.


The event is an open assembly where diverse workshops shape a joint milieu. The creative milieu transforms visitors into participants who are encouraged to uncover their inner researcher.

SciFest is a model to recruit young people to an adventure of a lifetime. It calls them to choose a career where they can change the world by the means of science and technology.    

Complementary to science exhibitions, shows, and demonstrations that target a given public, SciFest is built upon the Finnish pedagogy that emphasises the participation of the whole learning community. Everyone contributes with their own gifts and talents.

The co-design spirit of SciFest makes the event a meeting place for youth, companies – established ones and start-ups alike –, schools teachers and researchers where all the participants build up the event together.

This annual event that got its inspiration from SciFest Africa took place first in 2007. To mark the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, the theme of SciFest 2017 is “On the Road”. We expect about 15,000 participants from all over Finland, and beyond, to gather at Joensuu, Eastern Finland, on May 11-12 to the Joensuu Areena, the biggest wooden building in the Nordics.

This year’s theme “On the Road” reminds us of the basis of science: a curious mind is always tempted to explore the unexplored. This way, the event pays tribute to a country which turned its lack of resources into wealth by invention and innovation.

The Finnish road since 1917 actualized the nation’s hidden potential and sleeping brains through education and research.

The programme of SciFest 2017 features sustainable tourism, innovative learning environments, educational technology, entrepreneurship education and much more.

For more details, visit our website, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @SciFestJoensuu.

From the bottom of our hearts, we welcome you to SciFest 2017. Why not to share our road with your own workshop?

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