Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic make strides in biotech

The Third Annual Worldview Bio-Innovation Scorecard report, published by Scientific American, points to progress in Europe

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The annual Worldview Bio-Innovation Scorecard produced by Scientific American shows notable advances by Spain and Portugal in the development of their biotech sectors.

The Scorecard covers a number of measures including work force availability, education and intellectual property protection, and highlights what countries need to do to improve their capacity for creating biotech innovation locally.

“It’s fascinating to see the countries that have challenging environments in terms of innovation capacity, show consistent growth within our index,” said Jeremy Abbate, Publishing Director of Scientific American Worldview. “Some of the most notable gains come from Portugal and Spain. They have consistently climbed in their overall innovation score since we began this special report in 2009.”

“In the case of Portugal, education and workforce scores increased by nearly 40 percent since 2009,” Abbate added. He also highlighted the Czech Republic, which has seen a consistent rise of its overall innovation score since the first Scorecard was published three years ago.

“It’s clear that that magical mix of innovation-enabling factors is dynamic and not limited to fully developed biotechnology-rich nations,” Abbate said.

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