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Horizon 2020’s continued funding of big companies should be questioned
Soledad Cabezón Ruiz, MEP, will challenge the European Commission to better justify the money it awards to industry for research projects in an opinion to be delivered to the Parliament on Thursday.
‘Know-Nothing’ Trump cuts science funding – and opens a door for Europe
Budget cuts proposed in Washington ignore what we know about the value of science. To support science everywhere, join us April 22 on the streets, at Science March Brussels
Alaska is a case study on the perils of ignoring global warming
Climate change is happening, as Alaska vividly demonstrates. Now is time to prepare, says US ecologist Richard Boone, offering the Netherlands as one role model
Robots are coming, but not for your job, says EU digital chief
“I do not believe in the mass unemployment scenario,” Andrus Ansip tells industry heads
France and not Germany may be UK’s friend in Brexit tech talks
With little sign of German flexibility on tech issues ahead of Brexit negotiations, the UK could have better luck extracting concessions from France
Horizon 2020 is a success and the evidence is there to prove it
Greg Arrowsmith of the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres, responds to clean tech entrepreneur Michael Liebreich’s contention that Horizon 2020 is having little impact. You need to look in the right places, he says
EU should step up research in Antarctica
A treasure trove of scientific opportunities, the frozen continent faces threats from climate change and a possible race for resources. Time to consider creating a European Antarctic Agency to advance research and protect the environment, says European External Action Service expert Didier Schmitt
Rocks and hard places: Romanian R&D needs EU help with funding dilemma
Changes to Horizon 2020 salary rules are compounding difficulties Romania faces in attracting and retaining researchers. The EU could help by speeding up amendments on how salaries are calculated, says Daniel David, Vice-Rector for R&D, Babeș-Bolyai University
With decision-time pending, opinions vary on whether to embed military R&D in FP9
As the EU new defence programme starts to take shape, the question of how it relates to civil R&D is up in the air. But European subsidiaries of US or Chinese companies are likely to be allowed take part
'Don’t tell me Horizon 2020 is a science programme. It’s a social programme'
The EU’s €79B research programme is not set up to generate innovation, UK clean tech entrepreneur Michael Liebreich tells an audience in Brussels
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New momentum for the European Research Area

The European University Association calls upon the EU to provide new momentum, dynamism and equity to knowledge societies in Europe and beyond

King's College partner in new £100 million Rosalind Franklin Institute

The institute is part of the UK government’s Industrial Strategy to maintain the UK’s global leadership in science, innovation and research

Science publishers partner with a COST Action to share data and improve peer review

Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley have agreed on a protocol that enables peer review data sharing in a journal sample.

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