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Memo to research funders: If you want open science, try harder
Kamila Markram, head of open science platform Frontiers, argues research funders must do much more to speed openness in science
UK must try to influence EU data protection laws post-Brexit
There needs to be a continuing role for the UK's information watchdog on the European Data Protection Board, in order to maintain data flows with Europe after Brexit, says a House of Lords report
Let the UK remain part of EU medicines regulation, says pharma industry
The key industry bodies from across Europe have signed a letter to UK Brexit minister David Davis and EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier saying the UK must stay in the European Medicines Agency system
Evidence matters… but not to everyone
No one underestimates the difficulty of shoehorning science into policy. Partiality is inevitable, but policy makers need to be transparent in showing what underlies their decisions - and what evidence they choose to ignore
European Innovation Council needs leading innovators and a sense of urgency
Former chair of the US House of Representatives science committee Bart Gordon shares lessons he learned from setting up the innovation funding body ARPA-E, to promote advanced energy projects
Re-invent open innovation to apply it to small firms
Small companies with limited resources have much to gain from open innovation. But, says Wim Vanhaverbeke, a lack of suitable tools leaves SMEs struggling to organise and manage collaborations. They need support from local networks
Lighten up! Research leader wants less bureaucracy in EU programmes
Horizon 2020’s system of rigid calls and heavy auditing discourages high-risk, high-impact projects, says Ángeles Rodriguez-Peña, as she bows out as head of COST
Call for scientists to oppose EU defence R&D money
Europe’s researchers should take a principled stand against the new military R&D programme. The EU was created to preserve peace; it will not be peaceful anymore, says Dave Webb, of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
A tale of two futures: planning the next Framework Programme
A new EU report looks to the 2030s, spelling out how research and innovation could make the future brighter
WannaCry attack is a wake-up call for hospitals
After ignoring previous warnings, security experts say it is now time for health systems to address their IT blind spots – before the next big cyber attack
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UNI-SET event - Universities in the Energy Transition: Towards a Clean Energy Future

A high-level conference, “European Universities in the Energy Transition: Towards a Clean Energy Future”, will take place at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on 23, 24 October

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam light on protein interaction networks in a developing organism

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam light on protein interaction networks

Aalto researchers discover chemical route towards electronic devices in graphene

Essential electronic components, such as diodes and tunnel barriers, can be incorporated in single graphene wires (nanoribbons) with atomic precision.

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