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Re-invent open innovation to apply it to small firms
Small companies with limited resources have much to gain from open innovation. But, says Wim Vanhaverbeke, a lack of suitable tools leaves SMEs struggling to organise and manage collaborations. They need support from local networks
Lighten up! Research leader wants less bureaucracy in EU programmes
Horizon 2020’s system of rigid calls and heavy auditing discourages high-risk, high-impact projects, says Ángeles Rodriguez-Peña, as she bows out as head of COST
Call for scientists to oppose EU defence R&D money
Europe’s researchers should take a principled stand against the new military R&D programme. The EU was created to preserve peace; it will not be peaceful anymore, says Dave Webb, of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
A tale of two futures: planning the next Framework Programme
A new EU report looks to the 2030s, spelling out how research and innovation could make the future brighter
WannaCry attack is a wake-up call for hospitals
After ignoring previous warnings, security experts say it is now time for health systems to address their IT blind spots – before the next big cyber attack
Why Brexit could be a bad thing for Swedish science
While other countries have assessed the overall impact of Brexit, Sweden is alone in analysing the specific effects on R&D. There could be severe consequences for the size and shape of Framework Programmes that will reverberate through Swedish research
All of European science will be diminished by Brexit
Try as they might, no one can see a bright side to Brexit, either for the UK or the EU27. The only course is damage limitation, agreed speakers at a debate ‘Brexit the scientific impact’
For innovation with impact, the next Framework Programme must fully engage industry
Large companies are essential for exploiting the results of EU-funded research and delivering the innovation that Europe so desperately needs. They should continue to be funded in FP9, says Jan van den Biesen
CEU rector makes raw appeal for EU support in fight against threatened closure
“Viktor Orbán has a gun to our heads,” Michael Ignatieff tells MEPs as he continues the fight against a law which threatens to shut the Central European University
Research Commissioner tells the March for Science: Don’t stop now
Addressing marchers in Lisbon, Carlos Moedas told them to translate their issues into political momentum. First step: come and knock on his door
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Prof. Dr Sierd Cloetingh takes office as President of the COST Association

After his appointment as COST President in April, Prof Dr Sierd Cloetingh is officially starting his mandate today. As COST President, he will chair the COST general assembly, known as the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO). He will be leading the strategic development of the COST Association.

Multidisciplinary European research networks are key to FP9

On 15 June, the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) published its position paper, highlighting the importance of multidisciplinary, bottom-up, open...

Tekes’ Research Funding will be modernised to Business Finland Research Funding

Tekes will enhance the use of research as a source for innovations from the beginning of next year by modernising its research funding.

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