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WannaCry attack is a wake-up call for hospitals
After ignoring previous warnings, security experts say it is now time for health systems to address their IT blind spots – before the next big cyber attack
Why Brexit could be a bad thing for Swedish science
While other countries have assessed the overall impact of Brexit, Sweden is alone in analysing the specific effects on R&D. There could be severe consequences for the size and shape of Framework Programmes that will reverberate through Swedish research
All of European science will be diminished by Brexit
Try as they might, no one can see a bright side to Brexit, either for the UK or the EU27. The only course is damage limitation, agreed speakers at a debate ‘Brexit the scientific impact’
For innovation with impact, the next Framework Programme must fully engage industry
Large companies are essential for exploiting the results of EU-funded research and delivering the innovation that Europe so desperately needs. They should continue to be funded in FP9, says Jan van den Biesen
CEU rector makes raw appeal for EU support in fight against threatened closure
“Viktor Orbán has a gun to our heads,” Michael Ignatieff tells MEPs as he continues the fight against a law which threatens to shut the Central European University
Research Commissioner tells the March for Science: Don’t stop now
Addressing marchers in Lisbon, Carlos Moedas told them to translate their issues into political momentum. First step: come and knock on his door
We’re in a desperate fight to keep our university open
Tomorrow, the European University in St Petersburg will have its license to operate revoked. “When there are 11 state agencies scrutinising you, there might be something political behind it,” Grigorii Golosov, professor of political science, tells Science|Business
Formula for a breakthrough: hard work and long-term stable funding
As the European Research Council turns 10, grantee Ben Feringa, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, gives Science|Business his recipe for success. The secret ingredient? Funding for the long haul in the lab
EU must not tolerate the threat to academic freedom in Hungary
As the national assembly gathers to vote on higher education rules that could force the Central European University to close, CEU alumna Zsuzsanna Végh says the EU cannot allow a member state to undermine intellectual freedom and academic autonomy
Start-ups must be made to feel at ease to grow in Europe
As head of innovation at EIT Digital, Chahab Nastar gives entrepreneurs the guidance to scale-up that was missing when he was building his own company
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Fraunhofer launches R&D project with Opole University of Technology in Poland

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Opole University of Technology in Poland are launching a joint research and development project in automotive lightweight construction

Rainbow seed fund & University of Birmingham back promising technology spinout Linear Diagnostics

Spinout developing novel hand-held reader to help in the fight against antibiotic resistance

Finland's first 5G development environment opens to businesses in Oulu

The 5GTN test environment supports corporate product development. 5G benefits include e.g. high-speed and reliable connections, short delays, energy savings and connectivity.

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