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Gates to Europe: Prioritise health research for poor countries in the next Framework Programme
Billionaire philanthropist pitches for sustained EU research support in developing world, amidst fears that UK and US governments may dramatically scale back
National front candidate Marine Le Pen looks to appeal to scientists
Beyond the focus on immigration, Le Pen’s bid for the French presidency has broadened to matters scientific and environmental. Science|Business takes a look at the policies she proposes and asks if that will endear her to scientists
Confusion and anger in Romania as government shuts down science bodies
An abruptly-announced plan to re-organise research councils raises spectre of political control over science, and sees researchers join wide backlash against new government
Geography warp: EU’s persistent research and innovation gap exposed in six charts
Central and eastern European countries continue to lag western neighbours on assessments of the quality of science and innovation results. But on one measure at least, venture capital investment, the gap seems to be closing
Fintech investment in UK slumps by 33 per cent on back of Brexit uncertainty
Private funding for fintech fell from $1.2B in 2015 to $783M in 2016, as investors reacted to vote to leave the EU
EU R&D spending stalls, new OECD data say
Newly released OECD statistics show public R&D budgets stagnating, but R&D tax breaks mean corporate R&D spend is increasing
Science loses an exuberant storyteller
Hans Rosling excelled at presenting fun, accessible data and busting myths on the perceived gap between the industrialised and developing worlds
Commissioner: I would join the march for science
EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas praises scientists for finding their voice. At a time when facts are ignored and experts denigrated, it is great that researchers will show up and tell people how important science is, he tells Science|Business
New EU report hints at post-Horizon 2020 research priorities
Boosting defence R&D and attracting more top companies to participate are among possible future growth opportunities identified in a pathfinder prepared for the high level group that is scoping the EU’s 2021 –2028 research programme
CLORA: A welcoming FP9
CLORA has called for a strengthened and impactful FP9 and European Research Area (ERA). They argue for fostering excellence and greater collaboration. They also call for FP9 to be more accessible to citizens — through outreach — and to researchers through simplification and improved success rates
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Science researchers across Europe sign open letter condemning the Trump administration for its limitations on the open exchange of people and ideas

EuroScience, the non-profit grassroots association of researchers in Europe, has sent the politicians of Europe an open letter on behalf of 46 leading science organisations highlighting the negative impact of the ongoing policy reorientation under President Donald Trump and his administration on future scientific progress.

ESOF 2018: Call for scientific session proposals is open

Stakeholders in the science community are invited to submit proposals for the scientific sessions at the upcoming 2018 edition of the...

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Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
Research Strategies The next Framework Programme
In October 2016, the Science|Network of universities, companies and innovation organisations gathered in Brussels to debate the future of EU R&D programmes. The result: A profusion of ideas, recommendations and warnings for the future of EU research and innovation.
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