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EU budget chief wants to protect research from cuts in 2021 - 2027 budget cycle
Günther Oettinger says research should be the only programme spared spending cuts as the EU weighs how to make up for losing the UK’s €11B per annum contribution
Spiralling bill for huge EU research neutron project sees schedule slip
With the cost of building the European Spallation Source going at least €150M over budget, the facility will have to wait longer to reach full power
Science ministers want Brussels to slim down research funding programme
The current system is so complex and fragmented that you need professional consultants to make sense of it, says Estonia’s science minister, Mailis Reps. But agreeing what to junk will be hard
Call for public investment to reverse Europe’s rising tide of vaccine scepticism
Experts decry record-breaking scepticism towards vaccines across the EU and plead with member states to monitor attitudes and work to build public confidence
The open science cloud needs more data experts
The European Commission plans to launch its open science cloud by 2020, but calls on universities to train more data scientists
French research groups up in arms as Macron proposes €331M cut to 2017 budget
Macron's promise to ring fence university funding did not last two months, says the National Union of Higher Education
Pressure increases for UK government not to split from Euratom
With a flimsy majority and some of its own MPs in favour of staying in Euratom, the UK government is talking of an “association agreement”. But ending European Court of Justice oversight remains as the red line
EU launches ocean research partnership with Brazil and South Africa
New initiative covers a wide swathe of research interests, including climate, marine litter, ocean observation, food security, fisheries management, and ocean technology
Call for shake-up of EU’s huge regional development fund
The multi-billion euro programme for modernising the EU’s poorest regions is a pile of rules, forms, and duplication. “We became more complicated and more complex every time we spoke about simplification,” concedes EU Regional Commissioner Corina Creţu. “We cannot justify it”
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UNI-SET event - Universities in the Energy Transition: Towards a Clean Energy Future

A high-level conference, “European Universities in the Energy Transition: Towards a Clean Energy Future”, will take place at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on 23, 24 October

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam light on protein interaction networks in a developing organism

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam light on protein interaction networks

Aalto researchers discover chemical route towards electronic devices in graphene

Essential electronic components, such as diodes and tunnel barriers, can be incorporated in single graphene wires (nanoribbons) with atomic precision.

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