Life Sciences
Health at a Glance: Chronic disease costs European economy €115B a year
Joint European Commission and OECD study of 36 countries finds big disparities in outcomes and says governments should spend more on public health and prevention to cut premature deaths
Chronocam start-up aims to help machines see like humans
Christoph Posch, co-founder and CTO of Chronocam, discusses with Science|Business’ Daniel Echikson his company’s new sensor technology. Q. Could you explain the...
European Medicines Agency feels Brexit effect
Uncertainty over the future home of the EU’s drug regulator is impacting recruitment and staff motivation, director tells MEPs
Finland expresses interest in bagging European Medicines Agency
Country joins the battle to host the EU's London-based drug agency after Brexit
Countries need to dig deeper on patient outcomes data to improve healthcare systems
The head of the health division at the OECD, Francesca Colombo, says members are making poor use of health data. She is calling for a broader collection of personal health information, to reflect the outcomes that matter to patients
Find the Brexit cure for UK life sciences
Four months after the Brexit vote, the landscape is as uncertain for UK companies as on 24 June. The needs of life sciences must be understood and the sector given a bigger say in exit negotiations, says former health minister, Stephen Dorrell
The chaos of scientific advice: Why it’s so hard for politicians to ‘get’ science
Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy tells Science|Busines how to get scientific evidence across to a broader public
Innovation Intelligence
Experts debate the future of stem cells
Europe is currently a world leader in the fundamental science underpinning regenerative medicine and cell therapy, and in its therapeutic use and regulation. But how can Europe build on its leading position?
Unlocking the value of personalised healthcare in Europe
This new study shows ICT investments could cut healthcare costs for key ailments by more than 35%.
The promise of personalised healthcare in Europe
Science|Business and Sweden's Karolinska Institutet have conducted a survey of a wide range of stakeholders in personalised healthcare across four major EU-markets (Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK).

Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network
ETH Zurich: In a simple way to great complexity
ETH microbiologists have succeeded in showing that nature produces one of the most complex known bioactive natural products in a staggeringly simple way. The molecule originates from bacteria living in sea sponges. In future, it may be possible to produce the agent very easily using biotechnology, making it an interesting avenue for cancer research.
New £250m UK Dementia Research Institute to be led from UCL
UCL has been selected as the 'hub' of the new £250m UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI), to be led by Professor Bart De Strooper, current leader of the Laboratory for the Research of Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of Leuven and scientific director at VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie) in Belgium.
Endomag’s Sentimag and Sienna demonstrated non-inferior to standard of care for sentinel node detection
Multi-centre trial indicates potential for Endomag’s system to be used as a non-radioactive alternative for sentinel lymph node detection in early stage breast cancer
Trinity scientists develop exciting new option for targeted cancer therapy
Enzymes that are over-expressed in tumour tissues can be used to trigger the release of therapeutic payloads only at the cancer sites where they are needed
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