Policy Workshop: IP
Michel Barnier says EU is looking into relocating London-based patent court
Doubt continues to hang over the future of the court, with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator suggesting it may have to move after UK leaves the EU
Call for looser rules in Horizon 2020
Researchers tell MEPs that audit culture, reimbursement system, and evaluation criteria for eastern countries should be reformed
Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, US and UK top the Global Innovation Index 2017
In the tenth edition of the Index, China becomes the first-ever middle income economy to be ranked in the top 25
New analysis of tech clusters puts Europe in the shade
A ranking of the world’s clusters on the basis of patent filings puts Tokyo-Yokohama in Japan first by a large margin. The top-ranked in Europe is Paris in 10th place
Imperial College tech commercialisation group rejects takeover bid from IP Group
Combination of the two would create £1.3 billion university technology investment company
KU Leuven out-innovates the competition again
Belgian university tops Reuters innovation league table for second year running
UK plan to ratify single patent is a pragmatic approach
The UK is to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement. That flies in the face of prime minister Theresa May’s pledge to be free of the EU Court of Justice - and hints at a ‘soft’ Brexit
The Great IP Debate: Do patents do more harm than good?
A formal debate at Euroscience Open Forum in Manchester pitted pro- and anti-patent experts. You decide the outcome.
US fast track for cancer patents shows intellectual property can drive innovation
While Brexit has put hopes for the unified European patent on hold, a new US pilot exemplifies how a single efficient patenting system can be used to underpin and promote innovation
Could Brexit be a death knell for the European Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court?
UK withdrawal from the EU will fundamentally change the basic scope of the Unitary Patent and the associated Unitary Patent Court. This could permanently jeopardise the launch of the European single patent
Patents can make or break drug discovery in Poland
There are several barriers holding back science-industry collaboration, but the most urgent one is the reluctance to protect intellectual property in advance of publishing research results, according to two of Poland’s leading patent attorneys
How natural materials can be patent protected
Limpet teeth have overtaken spider silk as the world’s strongest natural material. As attempts are made to replicate and put this material to use, it is important to look to the IP strategy, say patent attorneys Ben Dempster and Jennifer Unsworth
Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network
Devices from Chalmers going to space
Schottky diodes fabricated at the Nanofabrication Laboratory at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience – MC2 – are becoming important components of the second generation weather satellite space project MetOp, scheduled for launch in 2019
Licensing opportunity: No screws, no glue - a modular multi-panel system
ETH researcher propose a novel design for modular multi-panel systems that can be used in shelf systems and mobile radar reflectors
Science publishers partner with a COST Action to share data and improve peer review
Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley have agreed on a protocol that enables peer review data sharing in a journal sample.
Aalto researcher: the proximity of manufacturing increases the rate of R&D efficiencies
The centralised operations model keeps most of the product’s added value in Finland. Usually, the price is the decisive factor when it comes to standard products.
KTH climbs overall in QS engineering and tech rankings
KTH continues to rise in the global subject ranking of engineering and technology.