news French research groups up in arms as Macron proposes €331M cut to 2017 budget

Macron's promise to ring fence university funding did not last two months, says the National Union of Higher Education

news Pressure increases for UK government not to split from Euratom

With a flimsy majority and some of its own MPs in favour of staying in Euratom, the UK government is talking of an “association agreement”. But ending European Court of Justice oversight remains as the red line

news Smart specialisation has helped with innovation strategies, but more is needed

Smart specialisation has made a real difference to the way European regions are designing their innovation strategies, creating or reinforcing cooperation...

news Michel Barnier says EU is looking into relocating London-based patent court

Doubt continues to hang over the future of the court, with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator suggesting it may have to move after UK leaves the EU

news Call for shake-up of EU’s huge regional development fund

The multi-billion euro programme for modernising the EU’s poorest regions is a pile of rules, forms, and duplication. “We became more complicated and more complex every time we spoke about simplification,” concedes EU Regional Commissioner Corina Creţu. “We cannot justify it”

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Special reports

The European Union is drafting its next 7-year budget plan. How much should go to research and innovation?



Report of the Science|Business Framework Programme Working Group



A special report from the Science|Business Network’s consultation group on the science cloud.






viewpoints UK must try to influence EU data protection laws post-Brexit

There needs to be a continuing role for the UK's information watchdog on the European Data Protection Board, in order to maintain data flows with Europe after Brexit, says a House of Lords report

viewpoints Let the UK remain part of EU medicines regulation, says pharma industry

The key industry bodies from across Europe have signed a letter to UK Brexit minister David Davis and EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier saying the UK must stay in the European Medicines Agency system

viewpoints Evidence matters… but not to everyone

No one underestimates the difficulty of shoehorning science into policy. Partiality is inevitable, but policy makers need to be transparent in showing what underlies their decisions - and what evidence they choose to ignore

viewpoints European Innovation Council needs leading innovators and a sense of urgency

Former chair of the US House of Representatives science committee Bart Gordon shares lessons he learned from setting up the innovation funding body ARPA-E, to promote advanced energy projects

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Science|Business Network

network University of Amsterdam partners with Microsoft Research Lab Cambridge

The Machine Learning Lab at the University of Amsterdam (AMLAB) led by Professor Max Welling starts a partnership with the Microsoft...

network Innovate UK funding available for electric vehicle-to-grid technologies

Businesses can apply for a share of up to £20 million for innovative projects that support electric vehicles to work smartly with the grid

network University of Birmingham launches £7million global surgical research unit

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has awarded £7 million to the Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Warwick to establish...

network SKA signs Big Data cooperation agreement with CERN

SKA Organisation and CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, yesterday signed an agreement formalising their growing collaboration in the area of extreme-scale computing

network University of Eastern Finland receives ERC grant for osteoarthritis algorithm

The University of Eastern Finland will launch a European Research Council Proof of Concept project to analyse the innovation and commercial...

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Focus on health

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Denmark plans shake-up of diabetes care

A clinic owned by the pharma company Novo Nordisk for 82 years passed into public ownership at the start of 2017. Now the Steno Diabetes Centre in Copenhagen is the focal point of a move to transform diabetes care across the region and beyond

University of Warwick: Digital communication improves young patient engagement

Digital communication improves young patient engagement, according to new study, which shows that using texts, emails, Skype and other digital communication methods can improve the healthcare experience of younger patients

UK regulator faults sharing of patient data in Google trial

Setting precedent in medical case, agency finds NHS trust didn’t adequately protect data on 1.6 million patients

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Science|Business is coordinator of this Horizon 2020 project to communicate the work of ERC grantees.

ERC researchers are unravelling the secrets of longevity, exploring ways of adding ‘life to years’ as well as ‘years to life’. (Hint: It helps to be a monk.)

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European Research Council grant helps electrify a historic, pedal-less vehicle


There’s never a good time to get bad news from your doctor. But for some diseases, early diagnosis is crucial. ERC-funded researchers are studying ways to apply computer power to identifying and treating disease


Pioneering citizen science photo project opens May 4 in European Parliament


New research on the gender gap in how long people live – starting with nuns and monks