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18 Oct 2017   |   News

AstraZeneca opens up preclinical safety data to scientific community

Part of AstraZeneca’s contribution to the IMI project eTOX was in the form of extensive data on the safety/toxicity profiles of (potential) medicines. Now, the company has decided to make the data provided to eTOX available to the wider scientific community through the company’s Open Innovation portal.

‘Following on from the success of the eTOX project, we are keen to further broaden access to our preclinical safety data in order to help advance the mechanistic understanding and prediction of drug safety and bring safer medicines to patients faster,’ said AstraZeneca’s Nigel Greene.

In a statement on the project website, the eTOX team notes that the project ‘has signified a paradigm change in the pharmaceutical industry’s willingness to openly share legacy data for the benefit of the wider toxicology community’.

The goal of eTOX was to develop innovative strategies and novel software tools to better predict the safety and the side-effects of new candidate medicines for patients. Reliable prediction of side-effects in the initial phases of drug development lowers the failure rate in later phases, significantly reduces the number of animal tests needed and accelerates the development of new drugs.

The eTOX project resulted in a number of tools for toxicologists, many of which have been made available to the wider scientific community.

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