ICHOM - International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement’s (ICHOM’s) mission is to unlock the potential of value-based health care by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures that really matter to patients for the most relevant medical conditions and by driving adoption and reporting of these measures worldwide.

ICHOM was co-founded by the Harvard Business School, The Boston Consulting Group, and Karolinska Institutet. ICHOM’s approach is built on a solid framework developed at Harvard Business School by Professors Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth O. Teisberg. In 2006, Porter and Teisberg wrote the well-known book, Redefining Health Care, which outlines the argument for using health outcomes data to redefine the nature of competition in health care.

The ICHOM team is redefining what success in health care looks like—by focusing on health outcomes. After all, that’s what matters most to patients. The ICHOM team is also bringing together experts and patients from around the world to help us define these outcomes. Why? Because health problems are similar globally, but the way we handle them can be different. We have an opportunity to compare outcomes internationally and learn from physicians in other nations.


ICHOM - International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement News

Dutch health insurers pay for value

By measuring and comparing patient outcomes, a hospital group in the Netherlands has cut down on unnecessary x-rays, reduced surgical complications and delivered better results for cancer patients. Payers have taken note

04 Jul 2017

How to make value-based healthcare work in Europe

The need to adopt a more value-based approach to healthcare is pressing, but some question if it is right to map the patient-centric model proposed by Harvard economist Michael Porter onto Europe’s universal health systems

20 Jun 2017

Setting the bar for measuring patient outcomes

ICHOM standards will soon cover half the global disease burden. Christina Åkerman, head of the consortium tells Science|Business their application will highlight inequalities, give greater priority to quality of life and help healthcare systems extract more value from restricted budgets

04 Apr 2017