Huawei invests over 10% of its annual sales revenue into R&D and more than 45% of its 170,000 employees engage in R&D. Huawei has set up 16 R&D centers in countries that include Germany, Sweden, the US, France, Italy, Russia, India, and China.

To gain a distinct competitive edge in the future, Huawei has set up the 2012 Laboratories, which functions as the innovation, research, and platform technology development arm of the company. Huawei focuses on making continuous investments in key technologies, architectures, and standards in the ICT field and is dedicated to providing broader, smarter, and more energy-efficient pipes that require zero wait time, thereby creating a better experience for users. It works closely with partners from industry, academia, and research institutes. Its goal is to take the lead in research, innovation, and implementation of future networks.

  • Huawei R&D investment: In 2014 invested US$6.6 billion, up 29.4%, accounting for 14.2% of annual revenue; total R&D investment over past 10 years reached approximately US$30.7 billion.
  • Huawei R&D employees (about 76,000) make up 45% of total workforce of 170,000.
  • Huawei has established R&D centers around the world to integrate global ICT talent for continuous innovation, 16 R&D centers, 31 joint innovation centers, and 45 training centers worldwide.
  • Huawei in Europe, as of December 31, 2014, over 9,900 employees in Europe, including 1,200+ R&D staff, 18 R&D sites spread over 8 European countries.

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